Best VR Headset (Top 10) Unbiased Reviews 2024

Best VR Headset

Best VR Headset 2021 VR headsets are becoming one of the world’s most demanding devices as it helps us to explore the modern world of virtual reality. People used to enjoy their games using joysticks but the modern world has brought new technology opportunities where one can explore the virtual world. The following article helps you to get acknowledged about the best 10 best VR headsets that one can buy in 2021 to enjoy the upcoming virtual reality-based videogames and movies. Below are the best VR headsets of 2020 you can choose one for yourself. Also Check:

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Best VR Headset

Best Pick1. Valve index VR review
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Staff Pick2. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset Review
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Budget Pick3. HTC Vive Pro VR headset Review
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4. HP reverb g2 Review
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5. Oculus Quest VR Headset Review
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6. Samsung Gear VR Headset Review
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7. HTC VIVE Cosmos VR headset Review
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8. Oculus Go VR headset review
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9. Homido-V2 VR headset review
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1. Valve index VR review

Best Pick
Valve index VR review

VR gaming is becoming a trend now and because of this trend, many manufacturers are launching their products to get a part in the competition. One of the competitors is Valve, a software and game development company that launched its first VR that focused mainly on PC gaming. After the launch, it was a successful product that helped the company make millions.

Valve index comprises Valve index controllers that give a full experience of virtual reality gaming. Valve index supports 2K UHD resolution with a refresh rate of 90hz and 120hz. Valve index also has 3D audio that allows you to differentiate between different sounds at a distance. It can be connected through audio/video cable and USB.

  • Quality
    Valve software and games are known for being one of the best quality and this device also verifies this with its built quality.
  • Comfort
    With the 5cm cushion attached to the back, it is very comfortable to wear and to be used for hours.
  • Price:
    Apart from the features, it has a downfall that is its price. It ranges from $999-$2400 making it a bit expensive for a normal gamer
  • Space:
    Tt requires a full room setup due to its motion sensors and camera. So you’ll be needing a full room before you use this device

2. Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset Review

Staff Pick
Samsung HMD Odyssey+ VR Headset Review

The Samsung HMD Odyssey is worthwhile to consider when you choose to remain within the Windows environment and own a compliant Laptop though not quite on a level with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive when overall visual processing and durable construction is taken into consideration.

The Odyssey is the sequel to the original Odyssey, with the better show as the biggest added value. Sadly it does not follow its counterpart into any industry but in the process of signing it is a US-exclusive. Samsung HMD Odyssey provides an eye-popping road trip into the realm of augmented reality as can be seen by Windows 10, and although its cost comes even on this edge of “maybe I don’t need to,” the integrated-in audio supports the experience in a way that most Windows MR Systems don’t.

Stand-out features include

  • Inbuilt Headphones
    The inbuilt headphones bring a crisp to the sounds; Cortana echoed with encouraging instructions via our ears, and the tones of music and performers came out with precision during demos. Unlike the view sonic and Toshiba headsets, which require different headsets to be worn in true accessories fashion, the Samsung HMD Odyssey’s geographical audio makes it sound like a maximum Windows MR unit.
  • Six-Degrees-Of-freedom
    With six-degree-of-freedom or 6DOF, lenses and the inside-out monitoring installed within the device, it felt easy to walk about in the virtual environment. You will not have to think about various sensors; both are self-contained, which is one of Microsoft’s benefits over other VR Headsets such as the Oculus for the Windows Mixed Reality application.

3. HTC Vive Pro VR headset Review

Budget Pick
HTC Vive Pro VR headset Review

In the year 2018 HTC Vive launched their VR headset of name HTC Vive Pro which was made by the collaboration of HTC and Valve. This product was sold largely due to its specs and design.It consisted of a stereo headphone attached to the headset that was of great quality and provided the best sound.

Vive Pro has the refresh rate of 90Hz and two OLED panels. It consisted of 2 motion controllers that allowed the user to take control and play games which he desired. Its cushions provided the customers with comfort they could ask for. Vive Pro is additionally SteamVR , Microsoft and other platforms compliant so that users can have full gaming experience.

Stand-out features include

  • Vive Pro supported 2K UHD OLED display that allowed users to have a great graphical experience in virtual reality
  • It had 3D audio so that you can pinpoint every sound from any distance
  • You could adjust it accordingly and be comfortable
  • The controller is battery powered so it is very easy to use.
  • You connect it through USB type C and use it whenever you want

4. HP reverb g2 Review

HP reverb g2 Review

Microsoft’s mixed reality program is talk of the town nowadays.With this programme many new products are being launched.One of it’s new products is HP reverb g2 that is yet to be launched but it’s pre-ordering is started.You can order yours now.This product is revolutionary device because of it’s specs it can outrun almost all of its competitors.

HP reverb g2 is the second version of HP reverb g1 in which company made some changes and fixed some issues .It was made in collaboration of Microsoft and Valve.It supports USB type C to be connected through any media you want.In the box we have The VR headset,power adapter,2 motion controllers,a setup document and one year warranty

Stand-out features include

  • It has a display of more than 2K UHD per eye and a refresh rate of 90hz
  • Apart from the new added cushion there’s a face mask that can be replaced and adjusted accordingly
  • It is compatible with steam so you can play your favourite steam and other platforms games without any disturbance
  • With its four cameras your tracking is better than before

5. Oculus Quest VR Headset Review

Oculus Quest VR Headset Review

Requiring no external computer or gaming console, Oculus Quest is one of the best gaming Virtual Reality headsets that works as a gaming console itself. It is equipped with fantastic VR games that can be played easily with just a couple of controllers and nothing else. This VR headset designed by oculus has a standalone design that requires no wires and it is easy to carry anywhere so that you can enjoy your favorite movies and games anytime.

Oculus Quest will be their first all-in-one, virtual world game device developed. With the help of this amazing device, you will be able to play with only a VR headset and a handful of controllers almost everywhere and anywhere.

Stand-out features include

  • Streamlined and Standalone: Unlike the latest and entirely updated Rift S, the Oculus Quest retains the streamlined style of the classic Rift. It has a body wrapped in black cloth and a trilogy of head braces, which fit well with the additional weight of the Quest, but it’s certainly a less pleasurable experience. To change the gap between lenses, there’s now a slider.
  • Sleeker: In some cases, it’s also sleeker because the headphones of the Rift have also been substituted by transparent positional speakers, but they sound so noisy which you would still want to slip in ear plugs

6. Samsung Gear VR Headset Review

What’s more than a blessing if you get the combo of Samsung S10 along with the latest Samsung headset that advances you to the next generation of technology. It provides you with the best visuals and sound experiences allowing you to explore a virtual world in a comfortable environment. Not just S10, it is compatible with all the latest android mobile phones which allows you to bring your dream games and movies to real life and experience them in a more realistic way.

The latest Samsung Gear is manufactured by the most intelligent developers working for Samsung. Being different from other headsets, it has an excellent touchpad and the back button on it which provides great ease to the users controlling the music and videos according to their requirements. It is compatible not only with the flagship Samsung phones like S8, S9, S10 but also easy to use with mobile phones of other brands.

7. HTC VIVE Cosmos VR headset Review

HTC VIVE Cosmos VR headset Review

If we talk about gaming VR headsets then a company comes in mind of name VIVE, powered by HTC. This company designed and launched many VR headsets from the year 2014.But in year 2016 they launched HTC Vive cosmos that was a revolutionary product and helped them financially as it was a success. HTC Vive is steam powered so you can enjoy high end games in a whole new world of virtual reality

Vive cosmos is a game changer for gamers. This product is a lot more than just a headset. It comes with 2 motion controllers that allow you to take full control of your virtual world and give an amazing experience of the virtual reality.

Stand-out features include

  • Vive cosmos has an incredible display of 2880×1700 pixels combined of both eyes giving the user a colorful and detailed experience with a refresh rate of 90hz.
  •  With it’s stereo headphones sound is not a problem anymore. It allows the user to have a full enhanced sound experience
  • It can be connected through USB 3.0 type C cable
  • With it’s six camera sensors the problem of tracking is no more
  • It’s controllers are battery powered so you don’t have to worry about those cables be gambled

8. Oculus Go VR headset review

Oculus Go VR headset review

If we talk about Best VR headsets than one company is ought to be named in this discussion and that is Xiaomi.They launched their VR headset with the collaboration of Facebook technologies in year 2018 of name Oculus Go.It was a smartphone powered VR headset but the mobile was paired with the VR headset and used by the application that was available in both Play store and Apple store.

Oculus Go was launched in mid 2018 and it was revolutionary product because of it’s specs and design.It comprised of a controller that worked as a remote and allowed the user to have a full experience of virtual world.Unlike other smartphone VR headset manufacturers Oculus had its own processor and memory inside it.So it could give a good experience to its user while using his desired application.

Stand-out features include

  • Oculus go has a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 system that made it a powerful machine of it’s time
  • Oculus Go supports Display resolution of more than 2560×1440 pixels combined .
  • Oculus go used ram of 3gb that was essential to run some heavy application and manage all the tasks at once
  • The controller is battery powered so we don’t have to worry about the wires.
  • This device has an internal memory of 32gb.

9. Homido-V2 VR headset review

Homido-V2 VR headset review

If we talk about Virtual reality headsets we might name some big companies but a french companies also deserves to be named in this topic and that is Homido. They launched their VR headset in mid 2017 and it was a great product of the time and for its price. It changed the game for new companies and some cheap VR manufacturers.

If we talk about cheap VR headsets Homido V2 is one the best VR headset you can get under $100.You may think that it has no quality or durability because of being cheap but you’re wrong. It is one of the best VR headset you can get in the price of 100$. It mainly focuses on smartphones but you can use it for other purposes like for gaming and other things.

Stand-out features include

  • Homido V2 supports both Android and iOS so any user can use it.Its an easy to carry device so you can.carry it with you wherever you want and use it whenever you want.
  • Users can access the VR contents through
  • VRcenter app.You can adjust the VR according to your face size.It also consists of a remote that allows you to enjoy your favourite games anytime you want.

10. PlayStation VR Review 

Have you ever thought that you could experience a game in real life? That you could live the life of a game character in your daily life. Well Sony’s PlayStation has made this dream a reality. Apart from great quality and structure Sony’s virtual reality VR is a game changer in the gaming world. It’s design, texture and size is what makes it unique in this era of new technology. It’s not only for gaming, it can be used for watching movies , playing videos and reliving an experience without stepping out of your house. That’s the reason Sony named it Anywhere VR.

This latest Sony PlayStation VR is manufactured by one of the best and experienced developers of Sony enterprise. It has a unique design that was specially made for gamers to use it for hours. The motion controllers allow you to take full control of your experience. It’s not only for PlayStation but also compatible for your phones of any brand.

Stand-out features include

  • It provides 3D audio technology that allows you to pinpoint different audios from a distance and with built-in mic you can chat with the virtual world. With the OLED screen you can enjoy your favorite games at more than 120fps giving you the best experience you could ask for.


In conclusion, these are the best VR headsets that  you can find in 2021 and explore the virtual world with your eyes so that you can get the best punch of virtual experiences. Considering the virtual reality headsets, we have a vast variety of affordable to expensive headsets based on their style and number of features being offered. You can read the above reviews and conclude which one you want to have for yourself and your family.

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