How to access Chromebook’s clipboard Manager 2021-2023

Our everyday lives involve copying and pasting information from one device to another, no matter how big or small the device is. Easy to use yet extremely convenient, it works well in a variety of situations. The method of copying and pasting need not remain as simple as it was in the past.

This means that a single item can only be copied at a time. The system won’t remember the first item unless you specifically look for it in order to copy them again.

Clipboard managers help with this. The Chromebook is no exception, as most devices have it. So in this article, we will explain how to access the clipboard manager within Chrome OS, and we will also introduce a more powerful application in this regard. Here we go.

How to access Chromebook’s clipboard Manager

How to access Chromebook's clipboard Manager

You can access the clipboard manager with ease. It is just a matter of typing in a keyboard shortcut (CTRL + C) or clicking and dragging your mouse across the items. You can now select “Search + V” together, and the Chromebook will launch its own clipboard manager. Here’s how it looks.

Clipboard managers can save up to 5 copied items for you so they can be easily retrieved later. Even though this is still only a small improvement, it is still a much better approach than the basic method we all use. Delete an item from your clipboard by clicking on the Crossmark next to it on the right. You might find it strange at first to use the clipboard manager since it doesn’t allow you to copy its contents. To paste a copied item in a text box, click on the clipboard item in the clipboard manager.

There is no permanent storage for clipboard contents. Upon restarting your Chromebook or logging out of your Chromebook, they’ll be erased. Is that not sounding right? Here’s your alternative, so make sure you keep reading.

Clipboard History Pro

This Chrome Extension lets you view the history of your clipboard in your browser. You’ll be able to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and simply. There are tons of monthly users and tons of positive reviews, so maybe this is why. Copy-paste used to be a problem for many people before using this application.

Besides having a premium version, Clipboard History Pro offers a number of additional features. Although the free plan is pretty effective and direct, we doubt you’ll need any additional features. By using this application, you can copy 150 items at a time and access them from your browser whenever you need them. The fact that the extension offers such a convenient way to manage your emails makes it a must-have for everyone. One of the highlights of the product is its smooth and fast user interface.

Click here to download Clipboard History Pro. As soon as you reach the webpage, click the “Add to Chrome” button, then confirm.

Using this application is a no-brainer. It is still possible to use the basic clipboard manager in Chrome OS, but this one raises the bar to an even higher level. This guide should be useful to you no matter the path you choose.


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