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Are you thinking of sketching or drawing a picture on a canvas while living in a digital age? Not! You can quickly draw, sketch, paint, and frame animation on your laptop when you have a smart gadget. However, the real test is to decide which laptops will be best suited for drawing in 2021.

At a Glance:

In most cases, customers do not know the specifics of a 3D or 2D modeling application. Consequently, they buy a laptop that is not suitable for running those applications, and they end up regretting it. Always keep these things in mind when selecting a laptop for drawing tasks using software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 2D, and 3D modeling.

It’s essential to have a graphics processor that can smoothly run-heavy executable files. For running heavy graphic intensive drawing software like AutoCAD, a graphics memory with four to eight gigabytes (minimum) of VRAM must be available.

There must be no problem with the processor being too old. A processor with at least nine or ten generations of memory would ensure that heavy programs could be executed, retrieved, and launched with lightning-fast speed.

Best Laptops For Drawing (Our Top Picks)

A laptop you’re thinking about must be equipped with a DDR4 dedicated memory slot if you want to draw. Having 6GB of dedicated memory on your computer is an advantage. Your requirements can always be met by just one of these laptop models.

Best Pick1. Apple MacBook Air Laptop
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Staff Pick2. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
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Budget Pick3. Microsoft Surface Book 2
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4. Dell XPS 9370
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5. HP ZBook Studio x360
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6. Lenovo Yoga Book C930
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7. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
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8. HP Spectre X360
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9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
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10. HP Envy X360
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1. Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Best Pick
Apple MacBook Air Laptop

With a wide range of products, including smartphones, tablets, iPads, and more, Apple is known for its comprehensive product variety. It is one of the intelligent additions Apple made to the MacBook Air for users worldwide. Accurate Tone technology is built into the stunning 13.3-inch Retina display. It has a fantastic stereo effect. This is because of Apple’s TrueTone technology. In the competitor brand, it is impossible to find anything similar in the audio output. In addition to its technical specifications, Apple has a few more. The backlit magic keyboard understands your search word and has a backlight. A complete keyword can be searched for as well as a specific result.

When you place the first two to three words in your search, you will get the results you need. The Apple m1 chip remembers your priority search terms due to its intelligent intelligence. Any time you click or type any search-related query, you can expect to see updated results in your search browser because Intel Iris Plus comes with the 10th generation iCore five processors.

This software launches graphically intensive tasks without causing any disruption to your system when the Exe file, drawing software, is found. You can store many .exe files on your SSD storage slot, accessible with a single click. Clicking the button prompts your powerful processor to fetch your system’s heavy file applications with ease.

A total of 8GB of DDR4 RAM is built into the device, and it can be expanded to 512 GB. There is enough memory space to install several games with a 4K+ resolution and software programs with a plugin installer without defragmenting, deleting, or reshaping your storage space to increase the storage limit. You can save a considerable chunk of files smoothly using it as a wardrobe with customized space-saving options.


  • AMD Radeon R7 processor
  • Upgradeable 8GB of RAM
  • Sound quality is influenced by stereo
  • USB Thunderbolt port
  • Long battery life
  • Quad-core 1.1GHz processor


  • Multiple tasks can cause overheating of the older versions’ CPU processors.

2. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Staff Pick
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

A reliable laptop with a powerful processor is also available from Samsung with the Notebook 9 Pro 2. A processor similar to the iCore7 8565U in the Microsoft Surface Book 2 has been announced. Marketing geeks, however, say Samsung developed this model to compete with Microsoft. In the laptop version, heavy .exe files can be stored in large amounts of space. If we are not mistaken, your system can handle giant program files with 8GB DDR4 RAM. A blueprint can be drawn, edited in 2D and 3D graphics, and stored on those large drives without giving the decision a second thought. 256GB SSD drive is readily accessible by your Quad-Core processor when launching heavy .exe files.

After sketching a 2D idea or animating an idea on the 13.3-inch touch screen, you can also note down the images to be edited. You can better understand the quality of the edited animated character by looking at the high-resolution image with the LED backlight. You can examine the image graphics resolution from 360 degrees by flipping up and folding the image. Consider the quality of the graphics in each section and mark the areas that require revisions.

Depending on your requirement, you may choose to re-work the graphics if the quality is not up to par. On top of that, you will be able to run animation-based drawing programs on your laptop, thanks to the quad-core processor. Your laptop has a powerful processor, but it’s also got Intel UHD graphics. Therefore, it is always considered a wise option for you to opt for the laptop model.

When running a graphics-intensive task, game file application, etc., you can use the Thunder Amp Audio system to achieve the best sound effects. Using the touch screen display does not require the use of a keypad. There are several ways to use the Active Pen that comes with this model. Accessing the Pen in your system will allow you to edit or draw a drawing.


  • 8GB of dedicated DDR4 memory
  • Quad-Core 8th generation CPU
  • A screen that can be flipped and folded 360 degrees
  • Thunderbolt 2+256 GB SSD
  • Luminous keyboards
  • Dual HD webcam built-in
  • Fingerprint sensor built-in 


  • Not Found any

3. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Budget Pick
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2 has become a popular choice for users within the past few years. There are numerous reasons why users worldwide prefer this particular model. We’ll go through each one individually. Having studied different Surface Book models for months and days, we have finally come to this conclusion. Its processor comes with a 1.9 GHz speed, which is a fascinating feature. The quad-core Intel Core i78650U 8th generation processor has a speed of 4.2 GHz. Additionally, this device comes with 16GB RAM + an additional 1TB storage plus a detachable screen. By looking at the screen, you can see how well you have edited and modeled the image.

The 15 inches (3240×2160) touch screen option with an image resolution of 3240×2160 allows you to analyze the quality of your laptop’s screen. If you need to edit the model, you can assess the image quality when editing it on your wide screen. This model has an exceptionally high graphics processing power as a bonus compared to other brands on the market. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU is the inner workings of the GPU processor. The graphics card is equipped with an additional 6GB GDDR5 memory slot for handling heavy files.

The graphics processor takes care of all graphics-intensive tasks as well as executing architectural drawing software upgrades smoothly. You can access USB Type C and Type-A ports on your system through the SDXC media card slot. In addition, you can connect third-party devices to your system using the USB port.

If it’s about transferring data from one device to another, you can run the application almost immediately. With the Ethernet 802.11ac port, you can instantly connect to your local network. Your system comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to link to nearby gadgets via Bluetooth. Additionally, you will never see a ‘low space memory’ or an ‘unable to transfer files because of insufficient space’ pop-up notice. The Surface Book 2 Pro has this advantage as well.


  • RAM of 16GB
  • CPU: Intel i78650U
  • Image size is 15 inches
  • 6GB of GDDR5 video RAM
  • HDMI cable with USB Type C
  • Dual microphones integrated


  • This laptop may not come with a USB TypeC, DVI, or HDMI adapter if it is an older version

4. Dell XPS 9370

Dell XPS 9370

Are you looking for  a laptop with a remarkable display screen, Dell XPS 9370 should be on your list. Dell’s XPS 9370 features a 4K+ UHD display for gaming applications. Run 4K+ games smoothly and efficiently on XPS 9370 Dell, including Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Warzone. A user like you interested in running a graphical drawing program would also find the model equally valuable. You may need updated plugins to access your 2D or 3D image, e.g. if you’re trying to edit or modify it. How about a processor that refuses to perform one such task or a GPU that goes numb while running those programs?

All such dangers are effectively avoided by buying the Dell XPS 9370. The fact that you shouldn’t overlook this factor is also significant. A quad-core processor of the 8th generation provides unlimited performance for any assigned task on your system. A touch screen Infinity Edge display running your program is always the best choice if you need an ultra-smart array. An added feature, MaxxAudio Pro, guarantees a superior stereo effect. Your laptop’s palm rest is made from carbon fiber to provide you with added comfort while working. Additionally, the Thunderbolt 3 512GB PCIe Solid State Drive provides you with additional memory.

With multiple gadgets connected to your laptop, you can use one such program. Using the infrared camera with Windows 10 Home will help you load the operating system smoothly. Rebooting is a lengthy process, and some laptops have problems loading the updated version of the Windows OS after a reboot. There are now two reasons why you should choose this laptop model.

You can release an 8MB cache in your system when using the Turbo Boost speed of the i78550U Quad-Core Processor. LPDDR3 RAM provides a lot of memory space for your computer and 512 GB PCLe Solid Drives provide the maximum amount of memory space for your computer. With the Intel HD Graphics with 3840*2160 Touch Screen display on your device, you will be able to understand the high-resolution graphics-intensive tasks easier.


  • Color resolution of ultra-smart cinema
  • RAM of 16GB
  • Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics
  • Multitasking capability
  • 13.3-inch ultra-sharp touchscreen
  • Long battery life
  • Weighs under 5 lbs


  • In older versions, there is no Ethernet port on the laptop

5. HP ZBook Studio x360

HP ZBook Studio x360

It is a good idea to consider HP’s Zbook Studio X360 if you plan on running drawing programs on it. Exe files are causing computers to become unresponsive during heavy execution. Multitasking is sometimes tricky on ordinary laptops because their processors cannot handle it. ZBook Studio X360 provides that as an added benefit. It has a power-efficient 8th generation iCore7 processor with a 9 MB cache with an 8750 GHz processor. A 2TB SATA SSD is also included with the 6Core CPU. A large portion of memory files in your system is stored in 64GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM.

With just a click, you can access them. Integrated graphics memory with NVIDIA Quadro P1000 supports IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi. In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, the device comes with a webcam, keyboard, and Active Pen. Featuring a 3840*2160 display, the 15.6-inch diagonal 4K UHD screen is equipped with a 4K UHD resolution.

While editing, remodeling, and displaying 3D or 2D drawings on the same screen, you can get exceptional image resolution quality. Hold on! There are also two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, and two Thunderbolt ports on the Zbook X360. It has an SD card reader that provides additional space for storing numerous downloaders and installers. Execute files. A simple click runs them, so there is no technical disturbance. People may be concerned that this model cannot run games with heavy VRAM usage. However, even with such a system, your laptop can still run graphics-intensive tasks.

Those heavy executable files run thanks to the graphics processor memory smoothly. One such powerful GPU in your system never compromises your ability to run drawn and 3D redesigning software. There is a year-long warranty included with the product. The contract can be claimed if any of the parts of the device don’t meet the expected standards.


  • DDR4 memory of 64 GB
  • Gaming keyboard with backlight
  • Display with a touchscreen
  • HD quality 720P Webcam
  • The screen that folds 360 degrees
  • A durable six-cell battery


  • A CD-ROM drive is not included

6. Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

You should consider Lenovo YogaBook C930 if you’re interested in a Lenovo laptop. If you’re looking for a .exe program that runs at a rapid speed, then the laptop should be on top of your list. It has a high-speed processor, CPU, and GPU. Featuring an iCore5 7Y54 processor with turbo boost technology, the 7th generation processor delivers 3.20 GHz performance. Processors are required to perform at an energy-efficient level. World-class craftsmanship is applied to dual display productivity. It is popular among the maximum number of buyers because of that. A 360-degree convertible screen is also integrated into the Yoga Book C930.

Those who work in the field of drawing and designing find this laptop model to be quite effective. Buying this is the best choice if you expect editing, drafting, or remodeling 2D or 3D AutoCAD applications. With the YogaBook C930, you can access two screens simultaneously because it has dual-display technology. Additionally, the QHD display provided by their digital E-ink is highly vibrant. So no matter what it is: taking notes, drawing a 2D image or 3D image, redesigning an animated figure, etc.

You should opt for Lenovo YogaBook C930 as your first choice. Whatever you’re doing, from watching a video to editing any animated figure, you cannot go wrong with this laptop. Many reasons make the visual and haptic keyboards considered ‘real.’ It has been observed that Yoga Books’ previous version saw a 22% increase in typing productivity. In order for YogaBook to be so accurate, several factors play a role. Depending on the language or format preferences, this keyboard can be customized.

A wide range of reasons leads to most buyers not choosing the right laptop for their needs. Problems start when they cannot find a suitable model for animation work related to drawing or designing applications involving 2D/3D art.


  • The best touchscreen keyboard
  • Keyboard Yoga C930 E Ink
  • Typing productivity increases by 22%
  • A two-sided touch screen
  • Taking multiple notes on video is supported
  • Two Type C USB 3.1 ports (Gen. 1)


  • Comparatively, it is somewhat expensive

7. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The Surface 2 model of Microsoft is widely known among its buyers for different reasons. We identified, though, after analyzing its features, that it’s better suited to the execution of architectural drawing software. Those looking for a highly reliable CPU processor should consider the 8th generation processors. A powerful processor and Intel HD graphics are included in this version of the Surface Laptop2. It thus loads heavy, memory-hugging .exe program files, as well as game.exe run application files. Furthermore, a 128GB hard drive is quite significant to handle large amounts of data.

When you run all of those files together in your system, the chunks of files won’t interfere with your other program applications. When you perform those heavy tasks in your system, your system will always perform at a reasonable speed. Although the Surface Pro might have seemed like a better choice due to its 8GB of RAM, this model includes an additional 128 GB SSD memory slot, which is an advantage.

This drive can be utilized if all your other industries are entire. The Surface Pro model would be even, wouldn’t it? Despite the lack of additional VRAM as seen in the Notebook 9 or Surface Pro models, the Intel HD Graphics 620 can run graphics-intensive application files and files and heavy game applications.

During graphics-intensive tasks, it never shows hiccups or glitches. This model also has impressive connectivity options. Other features of this model include a USB 3.0 interface, micro-HDMI interface, and SD card slot.

Your laptop can be connected to multiple devices using it. Using that third-party device for computer data transfer, you will experience ultra-fast transfer speeds. The image resolution quality of PixelSense Touchscreen is (2256*1504). A Surface Laptop 2 can be easily carried in a laptop bag. It’s a must-have on your buying list if you’re thinking of getting yourself a thin laptop.


  • 128GB SD card
  • 4.0 Bluetooth
  • Graphics card Intel HD620
  • Mini display port USB 3.0
  • Approximately 3 pounds in weight


  • Older versions of Windows may not be compatible with Windows 10

8. HP Spectre X360

HP Spectre X360

If you are in need of a laptop that can manage graphics-intensive tasks, HP’s Spectre X360 must be your first choice. If the processor RAM on the user’s system is not powerful enough to handle heavy tasks, heavy program applications can be challenging to run. InteQuad-core 8550U processors have a speed of 2.50 GHz. The eighth generation of i7 has a 1.5 GHz CPU. Additionally, the 8GB DDR4 SDRAM is coupled with a 256GB PCle NVme Solid State Drive, giving you plenty of space to complete your tasks. You can use your laptop for heavy-duty application tasks with ease, thanks to such a large capacity.

The 13.3″ HD BrightView glossy screen will also allow you to view the color contrast in 3D or 2D applications better while editing or remodeling them. This is about as good a reason as anything for choosing the Spectre X360. In addition to the Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C port, you’ll find a Microphone Combo jack, as well as a microSD card reader. With HP’s older versions, the keyboard might not be suitable for running the .exe program applications. But with a reliable laptop version like HP Spectre, you never have to worry about problems like that.

Videos and photographs look vibrant and natural on the brilliant Brightview glossy screen. It is, however, possible that the display screen of the other laptop models does not offer the same image quality. As part of the Windows 10 Home version, you will also find a webcam and Bluetooth 5.0 onboard. You also get an ultra-fast wireless network with 802.11 ac. The backlit keyboard is another bonus.

In addition to the fingerprint reader, there is a stylus pen included in this laptop, which makes it easier to use the touchscreen for editing and remodeling 3D and 2D graphic content. If any of your animated images need to be edited, this should be your priority.


  • 12.75 hours of battery life
  • Eight MB of cache
  • Intel Core i7 8550U
  • in-built graphics
  • Solid ports and multitasking options
  • Outstanding Webcam


  • Gaming can affect the battery life after extended use.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

In the market for laptops to draw architectural models, Microsoft Pro 7 is a popular choice. Students and professionals who are into drawing, remodeling, and designing professions, in general, require super-fast CPU speed to launch heavy software, run apps, etc. Surface Pro 7 has the appeal of versatility among many reasons to consider it first. Three modes of operation are available. There are three modes: tablet, studio, and view. You should use the touch mode when drawing something in it. When viewing it, it is equally useful to use the tablet mode. If you want to edit the sketch, use the Surface Pro7 pen. If you think the drawing is complete, e-mail it to your client.

It has the most significant benefit of being thin and versatile, making it easy to work with, transport, and carry. Even though multiple buyers have figured out its downside, the model is still more advanced than its competitors. In addition to the 10th core Intel processor, Surface Pro 7 has a DDR4 memory slot and 8GB of RAM. If you need more RAM than the 8GB available, additional files and information can be stored on your system.

Combining the powerful CPU memory with the Intel UHD i3 allows you to run heavy applications in your system with maximum efficiency. Additional storage capacities of 512GB, 128, 256, and 1TB can store downloader.exe run files in addition to the 8GB and 16GB memory slot slots.

A game application can be saved on the storage unit if you need to do this. Besides that, this one includes the ability to record videos. In addition, the front and rear cameras come with exceptional image resolution. It is always considered a wise move to invest in a video quality system of such high quality over the long haul. The ample memory space also means that running .exe program applications in your system will never be an issue again.


  • 10 hr battery life
  • A large memory space
  • Various modes available
  • Display size: 12.3″ inches
  • Available in black, Premium Matte
  • Suitable for Windows 10 Home


  • There are no Thunderbolt USB ports open.

10. HP Envy X360

HP Envy X360

HP’s Envy x360 13 (2020) is an excellent choice if you have been wanting a 2-in-1 laptop. It’s impossible to find anything wrong with this laptop when you have its excellent audio, full HD display, and a fast-charging battery. Based on a 2.0 GHz base frequency, the Ryzen 5 2500 U processor is a quad-core processor. Also, your system has the added advantage of 6MB of intelligent cache cleaning. It has a processor with a speed of 2400 MHz. Moreover, thanks to the DDR4 RAM and the 256 PCIe SSD, the graphics installer can be loaded faster and stored on a considerable amount of storage space.

It is equipped with an AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU, so you will be able to run them smoothly. The integrated graphics processor provides ample scope for reaching your desired limits. It’s easier to edit animated designs with the graphics processor and the powerful processor running vibrant designs. It’s not required to re edit or remodel your editing work when you post it; however, you may choose to do so.

The long-term benefits of the same option are also considered wise. It is relatively inexpensive to buy the Windows 10 Home compatible model. Accessing the model isn’t difficult. If you prefer to buy it offline, you can also buy it from an online retailer. Additionally, the in-built FHD IR Webcam offers 802.11 ac + Bluetooth 4.2 for connecting multiple third-party devices and gadgets simultaneously.

Drawing, sketching, and everyday work are all made much easier with the HP Envy x360. Regardless of viewing angles or volume settings, the screen and speakers provide excellent video resolution and audio quality. The laptop provides an impressive 10.5 hours of continuous battery life for heavy multitasking, but left-handed artists may find it awkward to use.


  • Windows 10 compatible
  • IR webcam with FHD resolution
  • 8GB expandable storage
  • External USB port
  • Long battery life
  • Windows ink support


  • Older versions are more prone to technical problems following Windows updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do touchscreen laptops make suitable drawing devices?

Drawing can be done relatively quickly with touchscreen laptops. This explains why artists, graphic designers, and architects use laptops suitable for the picture. You can draw, edit, or modify animated or 2D/3D images using the super-sensitive stylus pen on your laptop. Due to its technical features, this enhancement may help you re-draw the same design if required.

Q. Are drawing tablets compatible with laptops?

With a laptop, you can use a drawing tablet. An ultra-light, thin laptop or tablet can be used with a drawing tablet and used by one person. Using the Pen, you can edit the design and then re-modify it to meet a client’s requirements based on their approval. It’s always a good idea to buy a drawing tablet when you want to draw 3D or animated figures on your laptop.

Q. Does digital art require a lot of RAM?

8-16GB of RAM is sufficient to produce digital art. The 32GB RAM model is the best option. A DDR4 RAM that is space-saving enough for large data files, games with large .exe files, graphics-intensive heavy tasking files, etc., is capable of handling a chunk of a large set of data files instantly. Hefty install, download, run, home, and .dll/.run/home files are efficiently run using RAM that exists between 8-16 GB.


Choosing a laptop model to run such heavy applications is a must when buying a laptop to perform digital art or draw. Due to this, you’ll find various laptops on the market, all of which are designed to run digital art-based drawing applications. To run digital art-based drawing software smoothly, you only need the right laptop. You are a newbie buyer, so you are not in an excellent position to accomplish that task. When looking for multiple product lists in the market, it’s always a good idea to take some time to browse them. It’s wise to buy the product only once it meets your technical requirements and your budget!

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