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Best Laptops For Medical School : If you’re a medical student who doesn’t own a laptop. Are you able to create spreadsheets of data? Do you have the ability to edit? How will you store the excess data? Can you memorize every document you pass? Using a few scrolls and a search, can you evaluate the efficiency of the available resources?

The answer is obviously no! These results suggest that a laptop is a necessary item to enjoy freedom and flexibility in performing tasks. Having become a necessity from a necessity, the laptop has become a mere necessity.

Laptops are not essential for technical fields such as engineering or architecture. As a nontechnical field, the medical field also relies on laptops to function efficiently. The medical field requires laptops for every stage of its work, from research to diagnosis.

At a Glance:

In addition to preparing comprehensive data sheets, attending lectures, preparing presentations, reading health reports, conducting research, and analyzing statistical data sheets, etc., medical students may use this software for these purposes. Other than that, e-books are the most widely used as everyone cannot afford costly books for a semester or two.

You may end up lost in the future if you choose the wrong laptop when you step into the medical institute. Inefficient laptop performance may result in a non-optimal learning experience for medical students. Laptops with the ensuing features and an affordable price are a true blessing for medical students.

Best Laptops For Medical School (Our Top Picks)

We, therefore, compiled a list of the best laptops for medical students in 2021 based upon our extensive research and knowledge.

Best Pick1. HP Spectre x360 GEM
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Staff Pick2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
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Budget Pick3. ASUS ZenBook 14
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4. LG Gram Laptop
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5. Acer Aspire 1
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6. Apple MacBook Air Laptop
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7. ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin
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8. Lenovo IdeaPad 710S
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9. Lenovo Flex 5
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10. MSI PS42 Professional Thin Bezel Laptop
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1. HP Spectre x360 GEM

Best Pick
HP Spectre X360

A touchscreen display, 15.6-inch screen, and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels make up the display of this HP Spectre x360 Windows 10 laptop. Developing effective and commendable resolving capabilities is a merit. With a viable display option, students can enjoy crystal vision and clear text. It also lets medical students edit and illustrate high-resolution graphics in a way similar to professional applications, which makes it an appropriate tool for students. With Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, HDMI 2.0a, and USB-A ports, the laptop offers exclusive ports including a headphone/microphone combo, microSD slot, and an AC smart pin.

Files can be transferred easily and comfortably via this method. Furthermore, several peripherals can be operated extensively by the user. Students studying medicine, for instance, might have to carry a laptop to class during working hours. Mobile in dimensions and weight, this device measures 14.2″ x 9.8″ x 0.8″. The laptop can therefore be carried with you at any time. Additionally, the battery runs for 4-5 hours, which is more than enough time for academic purposes.

The user does not suffer a disadvantage if they reside in an area of regular electricity availability. Customers are often disappointed when there are no thermal cooling fans available. The laptop overheats and becomes noisy due to its lack of thermal cooling. Heat dissipation is inadequate, which may result in the laptop malfunctioning. A new Intel Core i7-8565U processor, coupled with a NVIDIA GeForce MX150 processor, provides increased processing speed and a smoother operating environment.

A laptop with an NVIDIA processor and four-core processor runs faster and loads files more quickly. It is also helpful to have multiple tabs open simultaneously. The device has SSD storage of 512GB and SDRAM (system memory) of 16GB. Thus, it has the capability to perform multitasking activities and save excessive amounts of data. The storage of medical student data is completely safe. High-quality audio is the cornerstone of the audio system. This system offers high-quality audio thanks to its dual HP speakers and HP Audio Boost technology. With woofers, the user is able to hear real sounds while playing games, watching videos, and listening to audiobooks.  


  • The backlit keyboard
  • Possessing a remarkable chassis
  • Transferring files efficiently
  • Connectivity on a large scale
  • It is light-weight


  • Battery life is poor
  • A lack of friction on the touchpad

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Staff Pick
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

A wide variety of features make the Surface Laptop 2 an excellent device. A slim and lightweight laptop available in different colors can be found in the market. A stunning design can be found on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. There is a swish metal look to it because it is made of quality materials. Lightweight and slim, it makes it an ideal choice for students who want to be mobile and productive at the same time. A well-spaced keyboard, with good travel, is provided by the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. With the Alcantara cladding, the keyboard has a unique look that makes it stand out.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 has a quiet keyboard, so you’ll be able to type comfortably for an extended period of time. Despite being well sized and able to support multi-finger touches, the touchpad is decent and has a decent size. A 13.5-inch display with a 2256 x 1504 resolution is used. Colors on the display are slightly warm, but the brightness is a very impressive 379.33 nits – anything above 300 nits is considered good. In spite of that, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is really easy to operate, even in bright lighting.

It features an Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB of DDR3, and 256GB of SSD storage. Graphically, the device has an integrated AMD Radeon UHD Graphics 620, which is somewhat disappointing. But it’s not such a big deal if you are not going to do any kind of heavy editing or play PC games. Though Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 does not have a Thunderbolt 3 USB port, it does have a mini-display port, USB-A port, and the headphone jack on the left and a magnetic surface connector on the right. An amazing 14 hours and 30 minutes of battery life are possible when charging it only once. That is more than what a medical student usually requires in a day.


  • Display of incredible quality
  • Keyboard that is comfortable
  • Long battery life


  • Thunderbolt 3 isn’t supported

3. ASUS ZenBook 14

Budget Pick
ASUS ZenBook 14

One of the biggest advantages of the Asus ZenBook 14 is its long battery life. College students will benefit greatly from the Asus ZenBook 14. For all aspiring students, the product offers an excellent value for money. Medical students want to know two things: how to succeed in clinical rotations and how to prepare for the board exams. At this price point, 256 MB of Flash memory solid state is an incredible hard drive capacity – which is part of what sets the Asus ZenBook apart from the competition, since it’s one of the most significant determinants to look for. There is minimal or no noise from the fans despite the fact that the server is being used aggressively and with multiple applications open.

You may not like the two USB ports on the device, which might annoy some people. The majority of its features, however, are good and very competitive compared to other machines on the market. Speakers are clear and loud, providing excellent sound quality. Adding to the good keyboard is an easy to use touch screen that is very responsive. The same application can run with more than one. To make the Asus ZenBook work at its best, you don’t necessarily need other hardware. Furthermore, the screen resolution is also user-friendly. Additionally, it is highly collectible.


  • Touchpads with dual-functions are a handy feature
  • Batteries that last all day long
  • Durable construction
  • Cooling system that is powerful and quiet
  • Excellent audio quality


  • It’s expensive

4. LG Gram Laptop

LG Gram Laptop

Updates to the LG Gram laptop are evident in the newest version, where the processor has been improved notably. This laptop is designed for users who are looking for a laptop that will offer them the performance and experience they desire in order to handle their everyday activities wherever they are. Featuring two SSD drives and a quad-core Intel Core processor, the LG Gram boasts 2GB of DDR4 RAM and a dual-channel DDR4 memory module. The LG offers endless space, while Windows 10 OS ensures the interface runs smoothly and that every component is represented correctly.

The IPS Full HD display and the longer battery life are among its many great features, but the fun doesn’t end there. You will not want to put this laptop down for even a moment. LG has put this laptop through 7 industry-standard tests to prove that it is both reliable and trustworthy for both production and durability. The Gram’s durability and portability make it ideal for taking it anywhere and enjoying doing what users love.

Our favorite feature of this laptop is the nano carbon magnesium fully metal body, which gives it a premium look and feel and also offers one of the most durable protections on the market. In spite of all LG Gram’s features, the laptop remains extremely lightweight (thin). Even if you work in your office, you’ll always find reasons to nudge Gram out of the office so she can finish up her work outside the office. This laptop is very powerful and versatile thanks to the numerous features LG has included in it.

The updated backlit keyboard is a quality-made product, so you won’t have to worry about bleed from keylight lighting again if you usually work in dark environments or at night. Using the touchpad, you’ll be able to multitask more easily and access anything on your laptop more quickly with four-finger multi-touch gestures. The camera, however, was one of our greatest love. LG did not have the camera positioned awkwardly like it usually is in laptops with narrow bezels. Despite placing the camera on top of the bezel, they managed to make it look like it’s floating.


  • Batteries that last long
  • Sensor for fingerprints
  • Fast and powerful
  • Storage space that is large
  • Its magnesium nanocarbon build makes it extremely durable
  • An excellent speaker system


  • Bottom-mounted speakers

5. Acer Aspire 1

Acer Aspire 1

The Battery life and boot time of  Acer charges for Acer Aspire 1 are very impressive. Its  user-friendly keypads and touchpads are also excellent, while its sound quality is its good price. Its headphone jack is also an addition to the speakers making it more perfect for medical school. It would be the perfect laptop for you as a medical student. Besides the professional design, and the fast speed, the lightweight nature of what looks like a durable and heavy machine is truly impressive. This laptop from Acer features Windows 10 Home in S mode, so it makes productivity easy whether you are at work, school, or on the go.

In addition to its beautifully designed 14″ Full HD screen, the Aspire 1 has the latest WiFi technology so that you can easily stay connected and reliable wherever you are.  A thin and lightweight boundless device, you can use it all day with the added benefit of a powerful battery. The Microsoft Store is the only place where apps can be found. The screen resolution is great, which enables you to watch movies, read documents, share powerpoints, etc. The colors on the screen are also excellent. In terms of storage capacity, there is a serious drawback. You will almost certainly need to buy an external hard disk since even phones today offer a lot more storage space than 64GB. There may be no desire to take on this task.  


  • It’s a delight to have long-lasting batteries
  • It’s a very professional design and something that needs to be done
  • Considering the price, the laptop’s speed is amazing.


  • Only 64 GB of memory are available

6. Apple MacBook Air Laptop

Apple MacBook Air Laptop

A retina display designed by Apple in the MacBook Air measures 13.3 inches  in size and provides 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution. Having a retina display allows medical students to have a more detailed viewing experience and a clearer vision. This display exhibits about 50% more colors than a standard display, which makes illustrating and viewing statistics more effective. The user is unlikely to be able to differentiate real-world images from virtual images because the pixels have been optimized. Students can read the text clearly and see the vision clearly with the high-resolution display. The user is provided with an essential visual effect.

It makes use of a thin M1 processor, which is unique to Macbook Air. Within the tiny chip inside the MacBook Air, there are the many components of a computer, such as the CPU, the GPU, the neural engine, etc. Compared to Intel chips, the M1 has 3.5x faster CPU performance, 7-8 core GPU power and 16 core neural engine power. As a result, you will be able to practice work efficiently without experiencing any lag.

It is not uncommon for a medical student to feel exhausted due to assignments and lessons to complete. Insufficient battery life and continuous plug-in can irritate users and make their experience uncomfortable. With Apple MacBook Pro, you won’t have to worry about this issue because the laptop has a battery life of up to 18 hours. The battery backup version is perhaps the best up to now. As compared to other laptop brands, the laptop has fewer connectivity ports.

Besides the Type-C port, it has a 3.5-mm jack. It is not uncommon for students to type for long periods of time. Laptop keyboards with backlit keys have a rubber dome which inflates and compresses the keys as they bounce. Key travel is higher, which facilitates a firmer typing experience and improves the typing movement. In order for laptops to execute coherently, they must be cooled down when continuously used for long hours.

Providing cooling for the processor is accomplished through the use of thermal cooling fans. A 256GB/512GB solid state drive accompanies the laptop’s 16GB of integrated memory, which makes up the laptop’s storage capability. A medical student’s files and illustrations mostly consist of data. In this regard, the SSD is plenty of storage for storing the data.


  • Battery that is durable
  • Keyboard with a magic backlight
  • Efficient thermal management
  • Chip M1


  • Poor-quality webcam
  • Ports for connectivity are few

7. ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin

ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin

In our opinion, the ASUS VivoBook S is an affordable, stylish, and portable laptop. Its battery life could be better, but if you do not work on a laptop for long hours, then this product should do just fine. Let’s get right to the point. A 15.6″ display with full HD resolution comes with the ASUS VivoBook S. This display has elegant colors that are not saturated. It is quite customizable and the display brightness is pretty good. In addition to its slim design, the matte gold finish on the ASUS Vivobook S gives it a rich appearance. Despite its rectangular shape, it has curves around the edges and is extremely light, which contributes to its portability.

On the lid, the Asus logo is in black chrome and the lid is made from brushed aluminum. The plastic keyboard deck, bottom, and sides all share the same gold colour. With an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU and 8GB of RAM, ASUS’ Vivo Book S features a 10-inch touchscreen display. It also includes a 256GB solid-state drive that is capable of running Windows and other important programs smoothly. Besides offering the option to extend the storage, it also supports external drives. Asus VivoBook S is equipped with an Intel UHD 620 graphics card that is capable of playing casual games.

A great choice for medical students and casual users, the ASUS Vivobook S provides superb connectivity. The laptop is equipped with ports on both the left and right side. On the right side of the device are numerous ports, including a USB 3.0 port, a USB-C port, an audio jack, and an HDMI port. There is a USB 2.0 port on the left side and an SD card slot on the right side of the unit.

There is a Lithium Polymer battery, which keeps it going for three and a half hours. The ASUS VivoBook S is a good option if you don’t require a long battery life and don’t use your laptop that much. Due to the flat and stiff keys, the keyboard on the ASUS VivoBook S does not impress much because it is backlit. The spacing is well-placed, but that is only noticeable to perfectionists, whereas students may not notice any difference. On the upper right corner is a fingerprint reader that is quite responsive and smooth.  


  • Design that is stylish and slim
  • The display is colorful
  • The backlit keyboard


  • Short keyboard
  • Batteries run out quickly

8. Lenovo IdeaPad 710S

Lenovo IdeaPad 710S

The Lenovo IdeaPad 710S’s 13.3-inch screen makes it incredibly useful and good for general use. Portable and convenient for carrying anywhere, anytime, it is very small and sleek in design. The bottom and top bezels are almost twice as wide as the left and right bezels, so it is difficult to tell the difference in thickness between them. Aluminium was properly used and a lot of care was taken in building the laptop. It is extremely high quality. Due to its lightweight construction, the device weighs only 2.4 pounds and can easily be transported indoors or outdoors. Being so thin, there shouldn’t be a lot of ports.

Nonetheless, it is true that there are quite a few connectivity ports for a thin handset. An SD card reader, mini HDMI port, and another USB 3.0 port are located on the right side of this device, while a headphone jack and USB 3.0 port are on the left. The 710S offers a comfortable typing experience thanks to its backlit keyboard. It isn’t the best because the button doesn’t react quickly, and you sometimes miss out on several letters while typing. As soon as you start using the touchpad, your fingerprints are instantly registered.

Speaking of voice quality, the laptop speakers deliver an excellent sound. However, the default music player is actually the one who steals the show, since it is preloaded with Dolby enhancements. For a price like this, it is an excellent deal given the battery backup of over 7 hours. Multitasking is a very effective way to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. Although it isn’t the best webcam out there, it is still able to perform quite well.

There is a bit of scratchiness and blurring on the images. This multitasking device comes with a Core i7-6200U processor coupled with 8GB of RAM. It is not affected by the many tabs with videos and other processes running in the background at the same time.


  • High definition
  • Batteries that last forever
  • Lightweight and small
  • Strong output of audio
  • Multitasking skills that are outstanding


  • Type-C port not available

9. Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5

It is an unbelievable value for a two-in-one laptop from Lenovo. The Lenovo Flex 5 offers so many features at such an affordable price. For those looking to buy a convertible laptop that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet, this may be the ideal choice. The Chrome book logo is found on the top left corner of the lid and Lenovo is located on the top right corner. There is a medium thickness to the laptop bezel, so it’s best for portability. It has a 14-inch display that offers full HD resolution and a 14-inch width. If you need to work in a bright environment, then it will provide 225 nits of brightness. Screen’s coverage of sRGB color gamut is 74 percent.

In the Lenovo Flex 5, AMD Ryzen 5 4500 Processor, 256GB SSD storage, 16GB RAM, and AMD Radeon graphics are found. Multitasking on the Lenovo Flex 5 is not difficult because these kinds of specs are available. A Lenovo Flex 5 can be easily used by medical students to do web browsing, make assignments, and make projects.

A decent amount of connectivity is provided by the Lenovo Flex 5. The left side of the device features the USB Type-C port, USB Type 3.0, HDMI port, headphone and microphone jacks. MicroSD card slots, Kensington locks, and a USB 3.0 port are on the right, but the Thunderbolt 3 port is absent.

There are few laptops on the market with better keyboards than this laptop. With a key travel of 1.3mm, the keys have an excellent click. You will experience a revolution in typing with the Lenovo Flex 5. The Lenovo Flex 5 also has a well-designed and reasonably-sized touchpad. Touch gestures such as pinching for zooming and swiping two fingers are supported. The Lenovo Flex 5 stayed powered on for 8 hours and 20 minutes with Continuous Web browsing at 150 nits of brightness. Battery life for a Chromebook averages 10 hours which is less than other chromebooks


  • Display with 2 in 1 functionality
  • The economic price
  • The keyboard is amazing


  • Laptop that is heavy

10. MSI PS42 Professional Thin Bezel Laptop

MSI PS42 8M-064US

The MSI PS42 is built with a lightweight chassis and maintains a 1920 x 1080 resolution on its 14-inch display. A standard resolution is aptly used to display high-quality graphics that are convincingly presented to students. With the ergonomic keyboard and evenly fixed keys with adequate travel space, the medical student may enjoy typing smoothly and comfortably. MSI PS42 provides enhanced security by incorporating a fingerprint sensor in the touchpad. With a list price of $1000, the fingerprint sensor feature and backlit keyboard are certainly worth mentioning.

In addition, it provides 256GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM storage capability, which allows the student to work smoothly. 256GB SSDs make data access fast and safe for medical students with minimum power consumption and maximum security. Microsoft Office SP1 and Intel Core i5 processors are installed on the MSI PS42, which automatically improves performance and boosts speed.

This portable internet device is 14.53 x 10.59 x 1.57 inches deep and weighs 5.27 pounds. As a portable laptop, it is less of a burden for students to carry around and they can take it more places with them. Moreover, since the laptop is light and does not weigh much, the student is less burdened to carry it around. There is a thermal cooling system on the MSI PS42, known as Cooler Boost 3.

It offers double the cooling of other cooling systems, making it unique and different from others. Featuring three heat pipes and built with fans, it distributes heat while continually working under the busy workloads overburdened with countless tasks.

True Color Technology is used in the laptop. Several color optimization options are available with this updated technology. Moreover, they have the option of choosing their preferred display color mode and combination. Therefore, the user can enjoy pleasing effects while viewing the display.


  • The design is sleek and modern
  • Visually appealing
  • Keyboard with backlit
  • Sensor for fingerprints
  • Cooling with dual heat sources


  • The battery is inadequate
  • Webcam and speakers of poor quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I consider when choosing between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro?

A Pro is not necessary for medical school. A Pro will be better suited for you if you plan on developing hobbies like professional photography, video editing, and rendering. In addition, with the MacBook Air you are able to read, write, take notes, and work for many hours without having to plug in!

Q. How much RAM does medical school require?

If you’re not doing heavy video editing, then 8 GB RAM should be enough. As you said previously, I assume it’s not a deal breaker for you. Your main uses of Google Chrome and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint will probably be during your schooling.

Q. Do medical students need a lot of storage space?

Therefore, you will need a storage capacity of 24 GB for all the MBBS books. At least 10 GB of the 64 GB will be used for system storage, with around 4 GB left for other apps, so you will have 50 GB available for other apps.


Students who are pursuing medical studies will not need a high-end laptop or devices dedicated to high-end skills. A good tool should not lack any skills or features. With decently lower price ranges, these laptops offer the best features and provide an excellent experience.

Students who usually work or study after midnight may find these devices to be a good option since they feature backlights. A student’s laptop should be able to handle a wide range of general uses, including gaming. We’ve listed the top laptops for medical school here keeping all the factors in mind.

Hardcore laptops with higher processors and extraordinarily powerful configurations are not required for medical students. They need a portable laptop instead that can be carried from school/clinic. Nonetheless, every specification must be carefully examined by the buyer and their needs must match the specifications. This article describes the best laptops for medical students in 2021, each offering precise features at an affordable price.

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