Can a Chromebook Run Photoshop – Get to Know (Tips & Tricks)

Can a Chromebook Run Photoshop In comparison to most Windows or macOS laptops, Chromebooks are excellent and (often) inexpensive alternatives. With Chrome OS, however, some key software platforms are often unavailable due to limited storage and use of the cloud. While Photoshop for Chromebooks does not yet exist, a few companion apps allow you to edit images. However, there is some good news, such as the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS. Technically, you could even use the desktop app if you wanted to take the time. Here’s how to do it.

Can a Chromebook Run Photoshop

can a chromebook run a photoshop

For the past few years, Adobe Photoshop has been released as a standalone program that must be downloaded on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

The Chrome OS operating system does not allow you to install third-party applications on laptops. Moreover, Chromebooks cannot run executable files (.exe), making installing anything on them impossible- even if it’s an accepted program. Best Chromebook for Students

Chrome OS works that way by nature.

However, it’s a great security feature. A laptop cannot be installed with anything (viruses, trojans, etc.). So the double-edged sword has both advantages and disadvantages.

Safety and security come at the expense of functionality.

Any program can only be “downloaded” and installed through an app available in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store (for models with updates).

You can download Chromebook-compatible versions of popular programs like Skype, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Reader.

You can even access some programs online, which run directly in your browser without installing any software. You can use the program by simply visiting the web page.

Users can now access the program using any operating system with cross-platform compatibility.

Chromebooks lack the necessary components to run the standalone program. The hardware would still pose a major limitation even if Chrome OS was able to run the software.

How to use Photoshop on Chromebooks

How to use Photoshop on Chromebook

There are four ways to use photoshop on Chromebook

  1. Android apps
  2. Web versions
  3. Streaming
  4. Alternatives

1: Play Store: Download Photoshop for Chromebook

Chromebooks can now enjoy millions of apps via the Play Store since Android apps are supported. Previously, only smartphones and tablets could access this selection. So, Chromebooks can also use Adobe Photoshop apps that can be found on the  Play Store.

How to get Photoshop apps from the Play Store:

  1. On the desktop navigation area, click the circle to the left, or press the magnifying glass key on the keyboard.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and open it.
  3. Browse the Apps & Games search bar on the left and type “Photoshop.”
  4. The results will include Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Mix, and Photoshop Sketch. A lightroom is also an option that you may qualify for if you would like to pay for a subscription.
  5. Depending on your needs, you may have to download specific apps.

Having so many apps isn’t exactly convenient when you can reach the same level of features as Photoshop on the desktop. In-app purchases unlock the premium features that can only be accessed via in-app purchases. However, if you want to run Photoshop on Chromebooks, this is the simplest method.

In light of Adobe’s iPad version of Photoshop, we hope that an Android version will be released soon. It’s still unconfirmed, however. Due to the lack of popularity of Android tablets and Chromebooks, we most likely won’t see an official Photoshop app on either.

2: Stream to your Chromebook to get photoshop

A PC running Photoshop could also be streamed to your Chromebook if you don’t want to use Android apps. Before beginning, make sure Photoshop and Google Chrome are installed on your computer. A stable internet connection is required for your Chromebook as well as your PC.

How to stream Photoshop on Chromebook

How to stream Photoshop on Chromebook

  1. Visit the Chrome Remote Desktop website in Chrome on your PC.
  2. Set up remote access by clicking Set up remote access.
  3. Your PC needs to be configured for Chrome Remote Desktop.
  4. You can now rename your computer by returning to the original window on your PC.
  5. Make a PIN with at least six digits by clicking Next.
  6. The PIN you set up on your PC will need to be re-entered if prompted.

Photoshop may not be the best installation for Chromebooks, but it does the job in a pinch. Additionally, Chrome Remote Desktop sessions are protected by encryption.

Shadow is another PC cloud service you could use. Using any compatible device, users can access Windows machines from this company remotely. The operating systems supported by the software are Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS. Chromebooks don’t appear on the list, but Android applications run on Chromebooks! Photoshop could be installed locally and streamed to your remote Windows machine once it is set up. Shadow’s not exactly inexpensive, so keep that in mind! The current monthly cost is at least $11.99.

If you’d rather not go through all of these hoops, you might find it easier to use Photoshop on your PC while you’re streaming.

3: You can use Lightroom’s web version

You can run Photoshop Lightroom on the web if you don’t like Android apps or do not want to stream them.

In addition to cropping, rotating, straightening, and organizing images in Photoshop Lightroom, you can also tag and rate, create panoramas, process raw files, retouch photos, convert images to black and white, and repair spots. Many editing applications don’t require this level of complexity, but it’s good enough for some users. Professionals can save time and money by using Lightroom instead of  Photoshop!

How to use Photoshop Lightroom on the web

How to use Photoshop Lightroom on the web

  1. Visit the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom website.
  2. Log in to your Adobe account.

Be sure to have an Internet connection if you plan on using the web version. Furthermore, the app isn’t entirely free. You can download the app for free, but it does not have all the features. All possible features can only be unlocked by paying $119.88 per year or at least $9.99 per month.

4: Find photoshop alternative apps

Pixlr Editor screenshot

While there is no official Photoshop app for Chromebooks, there are quite a few other options you might like to check out. Among our favorite web apps is Pixlr Editor, which has many features of Photoshop for free. In this case, however, you’ll need to use Photoshop on a PC. If you want to load Photoshop .psd files, you can do so. Among the other options are Fotor, GIMP Online, and Polarr Photo Editor.

Final words

[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”]We hope that you will find our guide helping on how a Chromebook runs in photoshop. If you need any kind of information regarding photoshop working and its usage, let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to respond to your queries as soon as possible.[/su_note]

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