Can a Chromebook Run Roblox – How To & Full Methods 2024

Can a Chromebook Run Roblox

Can a Chromebook Run Roblox: Many operating systems and devices (including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS) are compatible with Roblox, including Windows, macOS, Android, and Xbox One. No Roblox edition has been created for Chromebook. But there are some ways around this to play Roblox on your Chromebook.

In this article, we will show you how Roblox can work on Chromebooks and provide a number of ways to make the transition much easier.

How To Play Roblox on Chromebook in 2021

Can a Chromebook Run Roblox

Before we begin, be aware that Chromebooks with the Play Store can officially run Roblox. The frame rate will be relatively good, and you’ll have a better experience. ARC Welder must be used for Roblox to run on a school-issued Chromebook. We will look at the steps in a bit more detail now that we have cleared up all steps. Also Check: Best Chromebook Under 300$

Method No. 1 – The Play Store

For Chromebooks, the easiest way to install Roblox is through the Google Play Store. The following steps will help you to download Roblox on chrome book:

  • The device you are using must be compatible with the Google Play Store. Certain older models of Chromebooks might not be compatible. You are good to go if your device is compatible with the play store.
  • Before you can use the Play Store, you’ll need to enable it. The Settings icon is located on the Quick Settings Panel (bottom right) at the bottom. Go to Google Play Store and enable it.
  • Now read and accept the terms of service.  After that, the Play Store is active.
  • The download and installation of Roblox can now be done through the provided link.
  • The game is now ready for you to play.

Note: The only method that requires Google Play Store involves this method. Users without that option can use the following methods.

Method No. 2 – Playing Remotely

Connecting to another computer remotely is possible on your Chromebook. This method will allow you to play Roblox on a Chromebook if you or someone you know has Roblox installed on their Mac or PC. You will need the Chrome web browser and Chrome Remote Desktop on both computers, but the game itself needs to be installed only on the other computer.

  • Connect to the computer or Chromebook by launching the Chrome Remote Desktop application on both.
  • Choosing remote assistance is an option you should consider if you don’t intend to do this often.
  • If you want a permanent connection, choose My Computers. The computer you are pairing with must-have Chrome Remote Desktop Host installed.
  • You can then remotely run Roblox on your Chromebook after you’ve completed all this.

Method No. 3 – Direct APK Installation (Can a Chromebook Run Roblox)

There are two ways to install Roblox on Android: through sideloading or through Google’s ARC Welder app. Also Read about, Best Chromebook for Students 2021


Aside from using Google Play Store, sideloading refers to installing apps from files. The app is only available for Android systems, so you’ll only be able to use it if your device can run Android apps. Despite this, there’s a good chance your Chromebook isn’t compatible with Android if it doesn’t have access to the Play Store!

Follow these steps to sideload the Roblox app:

  • First, Your device should be in Developer Mode. If you do this, your Chromebook will be wiped of its storage, and the OS verification will be disabled. You don’t need to worry – everything is already integrated online using Chrome OS. 
  • A warning screen will appear every time the device boots after this step. The warning might appear frightening, but it is easily dismissed by pressing the Ctrl+D key combination.
  • Click on Android Apps in Settings, then click App Settings. You will be redirected to a new window.
  •  In the Security section of the device, ensure that Unknown Sources is enabled. You can install apps from the device using this method. During installation, you’ll be warned to be cautious. Whenever you download any other apps using this method, be sure the source you’re using is reliable and verified!
  • Download the Roblox APK file here and proceed to the next step.
  • Installing a file manager app for Android is required to launch APK files, as Android doesn’t offer an integrated file manager app. 
  • After you have done this, go to the manager, then click download to find the Roblox APK. 
  • The installation will begin after you launch it and select Package Installer.
  • Roblox can now be run on a Chromebook as if it were installed normally!

ARC Welder

The Chrome Web Store offers the ARC Welder program that allows you to run Android apps on Chrome OS. Simply download the program, install it, and open it. You may have to wait a while for the file, as it is about 200MB in size. When the program download finish, choose the APK folder in the Downloads folder by pressing the Choose button, then click Open. A new screen will appear with the Add your APK button. Select it, then locate Roblox’s APK and hit Open. A selection of options will be presented to you – you can choose Landscape orientation and Tablet form factor.

Once Roblox is launched, you can test it out. You can play for as long as you like during one session of Roblox, but you must go through the same steps when you want to play again. You can avoid this by using the ARC Welder to install Roblox as an extension. To accomplish this, follow these steps: Also Read: Best Laptops For Writers on a Budget

  • Navigate to the Chrome browser, then click the three-dot icon, then More Tools, then Extensions.
  • You can enable Developer mode by clicking the Developer icon in the top right corner. Below you’ll find a new menu.
  • You can then click the Unpack file button.
  • Then select the Roblox app export folder (should be in Downloads) and click Open.
  • You can now run the game like other apps by going to the app drawer.

Method No.4 – The Linux Way

In addition, you can use a virtual machine or program that can run Windows apps on Ubuntu to install Linux on your Chromebook and run Roblox. It’s a fairly simple method but would require another article to describe in detail, so we won’t attempt it because it might not give you the best gaming experience.
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Final Words 

Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to play Roblox on your Chromebook. It may require a bit more effort, but you will find an awesome game platform once all the work has been done!

Are you able to play Roblox on your Chromebook? I would like to know what method you used. Tell us in the comments section below!

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