Can Chromebook Run Java – Yes or No Full Details Here 2024

Can Chromebook Run Java

Can Chromebook Run Java: A number of hardware platforms, including the Chromebook, are compatible with Java. Java is a strong programming language and operating system. A Java program is capable of running on a variety of different machines using the same code.

Minecraft and some other cool games require Java if you want to play them on your Chromebook. Also Read Best Chromebook for Students 2021 Reviews

Can Chromebook Run Java

Can Chromebook Run Java

The process of installing Java on the Chromebook to make Java applications accessible is relatively straightforward. Installing Java on a Chromebook requires you to be in developer mode, and you’ll need to use the Crosh command-line program to get Java installed.

You need to spend a little time setting it up, but it’s not difficult to do, and this tutorial shows you how. Alternatively, you can simply enable Javascript to run on your Chromebook; that’s significantly easier, and I’ll also demonstrate how to do that. Best Lightweight Laptops 2021

To get started, we’ll configure your Chromebook to run Javascript. Your Chromebook’s settings can be adjusted to achieve this.

Enable Javascript on your Chromebook

Here are the instructions for running Javascript on your Chromebook device:

  • Go to the lower right-hand corner of your Chromebook to find your profile picture and click on it.
  • You can then access your Chromebook settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Find the blue-highlighted Show Advanced Settings link at the bottom. On the Advanced Settings page, click on Change.
  • Then, click the gray Content Settings button on the Privacy Settings page.
  •  In the pop-up window that appears, Javascript is listed third down.  If it is not already selected, make sure that ‘Allow all sites to run Javascript’ is checked.

Your Chromebook can now run Javascript. You can now visit any Javascript-required website through your Chrome browser on a Chromebook device. Changing your settings wasn’t any harder than when you do it for any other reason.

However, if you want to install Java on your Chromebook, you’ll need to take some additional steps. Moreover, you need to be aware that your Java installation may be unstable or not work at all. When you compare Chromebooks to other operating systems, they’re relatively simplistic and pared-down for people who only need access to the basics.

Installing Java manually requires caution. However, you can still try it.

Installing Java on Your Chromebook

As soon as you have put your Chromebook into developer mode, you’ll proceed with opening a command shell. This is similar to using Terminal on a Windows or Mac. 

  •  To open the Crosh shell, press Ctrl, Alt, and T on the keyboard.
  • You can now type ‘shell’ to start the Bash shell.  You don’t need to be aware of the differences between these shells for this tutorial; it is not crucial.) 
  • Once you have installed sudo, which allows you to run commands as “root” from your ordinary account, you will be able to run commands.
  • Press Enter after typing “sudo su” (without quotation marks) on the Chromebook keyboard.
  • You will need to enter a password. Chrome OS builds have different password options, including “chronos”, “chrome”, “facepunch”, and “password”. Alternatively, it could be the shell password you set previously.
  • The next step is to ensure the system file is writable.
  • Type  “mount -o remount, exec, rw/” then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Type “cd /home” and press Enter again.

Java 8 can be downloaded from Oracle’s website.  The following instructions apply to 32-bit devices:

Type “wget…undleId=106238 -Ojre.tar.gz” then press Enter.

If your Chromebook device is 64-bit:

Type “wget…undleId=106240 -Ojre.tar.gz” then press Enter.

After downloading the file, you will need to extract it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Type “tar zxvf jre.tar.gz” and then press Enter on the keyboard.
  • Type “mv jre1.8* /bin” and press Enter.
  • Type “cd/bin” and press Enter; that will open the executable folder on your device.
  • Type “1n -s/bin/jre1.8.0_45/bin/java/bin/java” and press Enter (but replace the number 45 with the number of the Java version found on the Java website).

Your Chromebook should now be able to run Java if everything went as expected. However, it is possible that something might go wrong during this process.

The shell’s “java-version” command shows you which version of Java is installed on Chrome.

There may be compatibility issues with some Chromebooks when installing Java.  You could experience system freezes with unresponsive behavior. Usually, this problem can be resolved by rebooting your device; it is not compatible with Java.

Your Chromebook is now equipped with Javascript, and if you feel brave, you can use it to install a Java application.

The Chromebook option is safer, more reliable, and more stable than trying to install an application in Java. Please take extreme caution when installing Java through the command shell in developer mode.  If you do so, it will be at your own risk.

It’s better to abort Java installation if your system freezes, as any further attempts will result in nothing but a headache. Java installation on Chromebooks isn’t worth repeatedly crashing them.

Final words

We hope by reading our article “can Chromebook run java,” all of your queries are solved. If you want to ask anything related to Chromebook working and installing its software, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your queries in a short time. 

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