Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive – How To, 2024

Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive

Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive: Due to Chromebook’s small size, many people have asked me how to use a DVD drive externally. Does Chromebook support external drives? Can you play CDs and DVDs on external drives?

You can add so many different features to your laptop, and it’s both fun and convenient. However, make sure you understand what your Chromebook DVD drive will allow you to do before purchasing one. Best Chromebook for Students

Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive

Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive

However, if you already have a Chromebook that meets all of your basic and advanced requirements, ChromeReady is there to support you, so you don’t have to worry. In this article, we will explain how to watch DVDs on Chrome OS without having to worry about unnecessary hassles. We will also discuss Chromebook optical drives, which both play CDs and DVDs. Let’s jump right in.

Optical Drives for the Chromebook (Can Chromebook Use External DVD & CD Drive)

There is no problem using a CD/DVD drive with Chromebook since the external drive is supported. Despite all the possibilities an external hard drive offers, it comes with some limitations. To begin with, here are some of the things you can do with a Chromebook optical drive. Best Laptops With CD Drive

What you can do with a Chromebook DVD drive

Chromebooks can read these types of disks:

  1. CD
  2. CD-RW
  3. DVD
  4. DVD-RW
  5. Blu-ray
  6. Blu-ray RW

Any of these disks can be read by Chrome OS if they are written in a data or media format.

The files you copy from optical media to your drive must be media files. CDs and DVDs containing music should never be copied. The media files you have stored on a disk can also be played directly from there.

What doesn’t work in Chrome OS?

Since Chromebook was designed to work primarily online, an external DVD drive can perform only limited tasks.

Write Files

Unfortunately, Chromebooks do not support writing to an optical disk. External DVD drives, as well as USB devices, are read-only. Disks can be read as long as they are formatted in an accepted format, but they can’t be written to.

Play CDs and DVDs

The Chromebook DVD drive does not support playing CDs or DVD videos.

What’s the problem?

You cannot play music or movies with Chrome OS since it doesn’t support optical disks. Chrome OS comes without codecs, so that’s the main factor to blame. The compression and decompression of DVD videos depend on codecs. Installing Linux on your Chromebook is required if you wish to play DVDs. Best Budget Gaming Laptops

Run Programs

Google Chrome OS is a web-based operating system that downloads all of its programs from the internet. Additional programs cannot be run from an external drive.  Chrome OS doesn’t support Windows either.

Rip Music or Movies

There is no ripping software included with Chrome OS. The Linux and Mac OS X operating systems are not compatible with DVD ripping tools for Chrome OS, but there are some for Windows.

Using an alternative OS, such as Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux will allow you to rip music CDs or DVD movies. Once transferred to your Chromebook, the media files will be accessible.

Watching DVDs on Chromebook

The Process Explained: An external disc drive is what you will need most if you want to play DVDs on your Chromebook. The Chromebook is usually supplied with a USB cable that makes it easy to connect it to Chrome OS. On popular marketplaces like Amazon, you can find affordable external disc drives of high quality. The price tag should be about $30, which is a fair price. 

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Chrome OS does not support burning DVDs or CDs, making an external drive even more important. The Chromebook cannot access blank discs as it treats them as being inaccessible. No detection is made, and you cannot do anything about it. In light of this, you should purchase a compatible external disc drive that can be connected to Chrome OS through its open-source nature.

After that, you will move on to something equally important. The DVD you have will not play itself on the external drive, which is why you will have to use an outstanding third-party app called VLC Media Player.  Here’s an overview of how to install this software on your Chromebook.

Installing VLC Player

Although you can download the VLC Media Player from the Google Play Store and Linux Terminal, the Chrome Web Store is probably the best way to get it on your system. You can start by clicking the link below.

Using the above screenshot, click on the area that is shown. You can easily download VLC Media Player by going to the Chrome Web Store. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

You will see a confirmation prompt after clicking “Add to Chrome.”. Within a couple of minutes, the VLC Player should have been installed on your computer.

Playing DVDs Using the VLC Player

Now that you’ve got most of the work ticked off, the rest is relatively easy and uncomplicated. We’ll explain how to do this in the following simple steps.

1) Connect your Chromebook with the DVD in your external disc drive. Shortly, the drive should be detected by the system.

2) Once you have done that, launch the VLC player. You’ll notice the menu will no longer appear as usual with the new player when it launches. Within the VLC player, a file picker window will allow you to explore your  DVD. All of them can be viewed by clicking on them.

This might not be the most efficient way to play DVDs on your Chromebook, but it’s the best solution we could come up with, considering we’re going out of our way and doing something that shouldn’t be possible.

Steps to take if the method does not work

Google Chromebooks do not automatically determine that all external disc drives are connected and available. Using Chrome OS to watch DVDs requires extensive research to find the right device for Chrome OS. 

You will save a lot of time and trouble by taking this step. The disc drives are the most common cause of playability issues, so I felt it was important to mention this.

After you’ve sorted out all that, you must make sure everything is in harmony. Best wishes for an enjoyable viewing experience!

Final words 

We hope by reading our article “can Chromebook use the external DVD drive,” all of your queries are solved. If you want to ask anything related to Chromebook working and installing its software, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your queries in a short time.

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