Chromebook Location-Reveal Bug – Everything You Need to Know 2023

Chromebook Location-Reveal Bug

Safe and secure devices are a priority for Google Chrome OS. As a result, malicious content cannot easily infiltrate it or steal confidential information due to its robust security. Chrome OS is so stable that even if a virus got inside, it would simply need to be restarted, and the contagion would disappear altogether.

According to a recent report, a Chromebook vulnerability could leave your location history unsecured, which could allow anyone with physical access to intercept your data.

Committed to creating tools that spark liberation, the Committee on Liberatory Information Technology has revealed the findings. The company tweeted, “Google has known about this for years and hasn’t taken action, so we had to take action.” In this tweet, they referenced an article from The Verge that provides more details about the issue.

Chromebook Location Reveal Bug – Be Careful

Chromebook Location-Reveal Bug

According to the report, the tech giant was aware of the bug but did not give it much attention, until now, that is. We have heard from a Google employee that they are investigating the matter.

The logs for Wi-Fi are the cause of the issue. Logs stored in RAM are accessible by any guest operating system. Logs provide information about when the device was connected to the Internet and are not password-protected. It is also possible to access the Chromebook’s Wi-Fi connections, in addition to those of the Guest Mode as well, if these logs are somehow retrieved from the local storage.

The logs are easily navigable by anyone who has a firm understanding of technical jargon such as this. However, those who are not skilled in this regard will find the Wi-Fi logs a nonsensical mess.

What Can Be Done to Stay Safe?

Google representatives have also explained what we should do in the meantime, in addition to simply stating that the problem is being addressed. During this period, it is recommended to turn off Guest Mode and see if it fixes the problem. It is a simple and easy process to do that.

  1. 1) Navigate to the Chromebook’s “Settings.”
  2. 2) Select the “People” option from the left column after you open “Settings”.
  3. 3) Next, click “Manage other people” to proceed to the “Settings” page.
  4. 4) Finally, you have to disable the guest browsing functionality by clicking the toggle beside “Enable Guest browsing”.

That’s it! Your Chromebook has just been made much safer by disabling Guest Mode.

As of yet, Google has said only that it is working on the issue. By publicly naming the tycoon and saying they have known about this for years, the Committee on Liberatory Information Technology is casting doubt on the company’s policies. What will happen next remains to be seen?

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