How to Clean Chromebook Keyboard – Quick Way 2023

how to clean chromebook keyboard

A dysfunctional keyboard makes using your Chromebook frustrating. Here we discuss effective ways to clean the Chromebook keyboard to ensure smooth operations.

Our daily routine has become increasingly dependent on using our gadgets in the age of the internet. A laptop, a smartphone, an e-book, and a smartwatch are essential items in society. We live in a day and age where recent events like Coronavirus spreading worldwide and Covid-19 have changed our lives dramatically. Thus, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our gadgets in top condition, we must learn how to clean or disinfect them properly. Best Chromebook For Elementary Students

how to clean chromebook keyboard

Cleaning your Chromebook will help you keep it in good condition. The daily use of a Chromebook and rough handling can cause it to deteriorate slowly. Additionally, touchscreen gadgets are even more vulnerable to damage. Your fingerprints, oils, dirt, dust, and crumbs can be collected with ease using them.

These devices are not complete without a keyboard. Hence, Chromebook users should pay attention to how to clean their keyboards.

The responsiveness of your keyboard can be affected by dirt or dust. Typing becomes problematic when they clog up under the keys. However, it is possible that some keyboards may have a design that offers a degree of dust and crumbs protection. Unfortunately, dirt can still accumulate inside your keyboard and cause irreparable damage. Best Chromebook Under 300

You will be able to prevent damage to your Chromebook by learning how to clean it.

How To Clean Chromebook Keyboard

Getting Your Device Ready

Start here by setting up your Chromebook. The procedure consists of three main steps.

  1. Ensure that the device is completely turned off. By holding the ‘Power’ key, you can perform this action.
  2. Connected components or cables should be removed or disconnected. A USB cable, a charger, or an external drive are examples of these.
  3. Remove the removable battery from your device if it has one. All set now.

Materials Needed for Cleaning

Following are the essential equipment you will need before you start cleaning Chromebook Keyboard:

  1. You can use a blunt knife, a butter knife, or a screwdriver.
  2. “Canned air” is compressed air. In addition to a hairdryer set at a cool temperature, you can also use a portable air compressor and a small brush.
  3. Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol in a 70 percent concentration. Due to its quick evaporation and antibacterial property, alcohol is superior to water.
  4. Depending on the amount of dirt, you can use either semi-abrasive or microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Chromebook Keyboard in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Put some alcohol on your microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it. Your Chromebook keyboard can be cleaned using this cloth by wiping off dirt, dust, stains, and grime. Your device should be kept dry at all times, so be sure to avoid getting moisture into its crevices.
  2. Try to collect all the dirt particles on the keyboard with your microfiber cloth and then wipe them off with it. The dirt can be dissolved using damp cotton buds if there are stubborn spots.
  3. When debris is stuck between the keys, use compressed air to clean it. Control the airflow properly by using the straw connected to the compressed air.
  4. Compressed air can be used by opening the laptop and holding the keyboard at an angle of 75 degrees while tipping the computer slightly backward. Keep the straw half an inch away from your keyboard as you move the can from left to right.
  5. To remove all remaining haze from your keyboard, use the microfiber cloth once everything is dry.

After cleaning your keyboard, if you still have problems. Use a screwdriver or blunt knife to open your keyboard. Firstly, try scooping the keys with the tip of your blade. With compressed air, you can clean your keyboard completely of all debris.

Take note that this method can be dangerous before you use a blunt knife to pry open your keys. A damaged keyboard may result from this. Be sure that your keyboard is removable if you attempt to do this by yourself. In any case, a professional should be contacted.

Whenever you are done cleaning, put everything back into its proper place and turn on your computer.

How To Disinfect Chromebook Keyboard

How To Disinfect Chromebook Keyboard

You might want to disinfect a Chromebook before using it if it is shared or a public device from your school or work. The cloth you use may be a piece of soft cloth, a piece of Clorox disinfecting wipes, or a microfiber cloth.

  1. Turning off your device and unplugging your computer are the first steps in cleaning your Chromebook keyboard. Removing the battery from your Chromebook is important if your computer has one. Your Chromebook will be protected from any issues such as damage to its electronic components or accidental typing of commands.
  2. Using disinfecting wipes or a damp cloth, wipe the keyboard in light and gentle strokes.
  3. In the last step, dry the excess moisture with a dry microfiber or cloth.


[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”] Chromebook keyboards generally perform better when they are clean. Therefore, learning how to clean your Chromebook keyboard properly will yield the best results. If you have the right tools and cleaning essentials, keeping your keyboard clean is quick and easy. You should use rubbing alcohol or bleach-free disinfectant wipes when it comes to choosing a disinfectant. Any electronic device should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions since they can permanently damage the device. Additionally, you must avoid using brushes and clothes that are abrasive. Hard or gritty objects can scratch your screen and keys. Microfiber clothes or any soft, linen-free fabric are the best cleaning tools for Chromebooks and other electronic gadgets. Finally, never spray cleaning solution and alcohol directly on your keyboard. You may experience more problems on your Chromebook device if you directly apply moisture to it.[/su_note]

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