How to Download YouTube Videos on a Chromebook 2023

A Chromebook offers several productivity-enhancing features and adds speed and simplicity to your computing routine. Despite all that, all that comes at a cost, and the cost here is a smaller-sized operating system that cannot run Windows programs. Even so, not everything is as it seems.

Chromebooks can be used in a reasonable way even if certain applications aren’t supported.

How to download YouTube videos on a Chromebook

How to download YouTube videos on a Chromebook

YouTube videos can be downloaded on Chromebooks using several methods. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will outline those exact methods and show you how to download YouTube videos in various qualities.

Option #1: Download videos from YouTube using an online downloading service


Download videos from YouTube using an online downloading service

An extremely efficient download tool for Youtube videos is called Y2Mate. With this application, you can access the internet from any device, and it is extremely easy to use and operate. Listed below are the steps for downloading YouTube videos with it.

  1. 1) To download a YouTube video offline, you need to first go to YouTube and search for the video you wish to download.
  2. 2) Next, you will have to copy the video URL either through the chrome tab’s address bar, or directly from the video itself. Double-tap the YouTube video, you’ve selected to reveal options for copying the URL. You can copy the URL from the address bar as well – the arrow in the screenshot below represents the address bar.
  3. 3) After you copy the video URL, you should proceed toY2Mate for adding the video. Here is a link that will take you there. Clicking this will bring up this page in your Chrome tab.
  4.  4) Copy the URL of the video and paste it into Y2Mate’s search bar. The YouTube video you want to download will appear with several options that will vary in video quality once you click that option. Then click on the corresponding “Download” button.
  5. 5) Y2Mate will begin preparing the download file as soon as you click “Download.”. Once the download is finished, there will be one final “Download” button you will have to click in order to start the video download. You can finalize the process by clicking it. On the same prompt, you will also find a regulatory message urging you to tell your friends about this awesome tool.

The video will start downloading the moment you click on the “Download” button. That was the entire process.

Note: As Y2Mate relies on advertising for its income, cross out any irrelevant advertisements along the way.

Option #2: Download YouTube Videos with a Hidden Tool


Download YouTube Videos with a Hidden Tool

Apparently, you can access a somewhat secret tool if you are know-how. In addition to being more or less faster than the first method, it also lets you download YouTube videos while on the go. See what this hidden, secret tool is by reading the next steps.

  1. 1) In the first step, just like when downloading YouTube videos, you will have to click on the first option. You can download videos on your Chromebook by going to the video’s page.
  2. 2) Here’s where the magic begins, literally. To activate the “magic” function, open a Chrome tab, and then type the word “magic” between “you” and “tube.” Then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. You can better understand this step by looking at the following screenshot.
  3. 3) The website will appear after pressing “Enter.” When you load the page, you will be guided to download the YouTube video you selected. Once the page is fully loaded, click on “Load Options”.
  4. Before you get started, let’s make it clear that is awash in ads. An ad will be displayed every time you click on a button, and a new tab will be opened in Chrome. Close any newly opened tabs right away.
  5. 4) Choosing the video quality is possible once you click on “Load Options.”. You can then proceed to the next step by clicking the appropriate one.
  6. 5) You will need a moment to process the video quality selection after you choose it. The next step will require another click on your part.
  7. 6) You’re getting close to the end. You’ll be taken to the download page if you click “Click here to continue.”. The final step is to click here to begin the download.

The download will begin immediately after clicking “Click here to start.”. By the by, if you do not succeed, you can try again by clicking on the “click here” button. On the other hand, there is a high probability that your download will start automatically if you use the first method, but in the event it does not, you always have a fail-safe method available.


[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”]It is sometimes difficult or impossible to get access to the internet. In those situations, what you can do is keep files for later viewing offline. Videos from YouTube, by the way, fit the scenario perfectly. You have been shown two methods in this article for downloading YouTube videos on Chromebooks and accessing them offline. Take a chance on each of them so you can discover which one is right for you. There are many advertisements in the second method, but it’s a faster method of downloading YouTube videos offline. This article is sincerely hoped to be helpful to you. Good luck from Chrome Ready![/su_note]

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