How to Enable and Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer 2021-2023

how to Enable and Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer

Even if you have Chrome installed, you can disable the Chrome PDF viewer so downloads of PDF files occur automatically. You can view PDF files quickly and easily using Chrome’s handy PDF viewer.

A new tab will open automatically for PDF files in most Chrome browsers.

Enable and Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer

Chrome PDF Viewer: Useful reasons for enabling it

  • Accessing PDF files quickly and instantly is important to you.
  • The PDF you click on to view does not always need to be downloaded.
  • When opening PDF files, you don’t intend to edit any of them and only need access to the standard options (download, print, zoom, etc.).
  • In addition to using Chrome’s native PDF viewer, you dislike any other PDF programs.

Chrome PDF Viewer: Fixes to make it work

  • When you open a PDF file in Chrome, you want a copy saved on your computer.
  • Often, after opening a PDF file in Chrome, you forget to download it, so you have to move it later on.
  • The PDF file should not have to be opened in Chrome.
  • The download process needs to be automated.
  • Viewing and/or editing PDF files are better done using a different PDF application.

How to Enable or Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer

how to Enable and Disable the Chrome PDF Viewer

As often as you like, Chrome lets you enable or disable its PDF viewer setting. You can follow the instructions below on apps running on macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

  • You can access the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome web browser by right-clicking it.
  • Note: Make sure you have Chrome open before you begin. All pages will open in a new tab, so there is no need to worry about losing your current page.
  • From the drop-down list, select Setup.
  • Go to the left-hand menu and select Advanced.
  • Click on the Privacy & Security submenu.
  • Select Site from the drop-down menu.
  • Documents in PDF format can be found in the Permissions tab.
  • Choosing Download PDF files and enabling or disabling automatic PDF opening in Chrome.
  • Note: When enabled, the right side of the screen will show a blue toggle switch. There should be a grayed-out version of the disabled version and a switched-on left switch.
  • Test the change on a PDF file by selecting it in Chrome. The file will download to the computer once you enable the settings. When this setting is disabled, the PDF will be opened in a new tab in Chrome.
  • The settings change will take effect without having to close and reopen Chrome. However, if you’re experiencing problems, it might be best to restart Chrome. Without the latest version of Chrome, you may still experience problems.
  • Assuming that the setting is disabled so that you download the file rather than open it in Chrome, the PDF file will open in your default PDF viewer.


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