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how to force quit chromebook

How to Force Quit Chromebook: Task management is easy to access on Chromebooks. When pressing Shift + Esc from your desktop, a task manager window appears in the center of your screen. To speed up the performance of your Chromebook, use the Chromebook task manager to identify processes that should be shut down.

A deeper understanding of background apps may also be helpful. Chrome background apps operate completely in the background and continue to run even after closing the browser. A background page or app consumes computer resources. There’s a way for you to keep track of how much power they’re using, and you can turn them off at any time. Also Read: Best Laptops For 3D Modeling And Rendering Reviews

How to Force Quit Chromebook

how to force quit chromebook

 Force Quit Chromebook Apps

Forcing a Chromebook to shut down is almost the same as doing so on a PC.

On the bottom right corner, a button called End Process lets you kill the process that is not responding to commands.

You can follow these same steps with Chrome’s web browser as well. By pressing Shift-Esc, you can bring up a menu to close tabs and other Chrome applications.

How to Force Quit on a Chromebook

  • You need to open Chrome.
  • To access the menu, click the three-dot stack.
  • In the menu, click More Tools.
  • In order to access this menu, press Search and Esc simultaneously.
  • The Task Manager will appear.
  • In the bottom right corner, click End Process next to the process or program you wish to force quit.

 Turn off background pages

The following steps will help you turn off your background pages:

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Click More at the top right
  • To open the Task Manager, click More tools.
  • Search for items labeled “Background Page” in the first column. The other columns will provide more details.
  • Then click End Process to terminate the selected background page.

 Turn off background apps on Chromebook

Turn off background apps on Chromebook

Chrome will appear in the system tray when running in the background.

  • The bottom right corner of your desktop is where you find it in Windows.
  • You find it in the dock on Macs.

Using the right-click menu, you can see a list of all the apps that are currently running.

Final words

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