How to Change Chromebook Background When Locked by Administrator 2024

how to change chromebook background when locked by administrator

How to Change Chromebook Background When Locked by Administrator: Changing a Chromebook’s wallpaper is easy with our guide. It makes sense that you want to make your Chromebook more personal. We’ve heard some people are at school all day with their Chromebooks, so it makes sense that you might want to change the boring default wallpaper.

While it isn’t as obvious as it could be for Google, changing the Chromebook wallpaper is pretty easy. Even if you (the administrator) have enabled the Prevent changing wallpaper property in Group Policy, users can change their desktop wallpaper if they right-click a picture and then click Set as Desktop Background. Best Chromebook For Elementary Students Reviews

How to Change Chromebook Background When Locked by Administrator

how to change chromebook background when locked by administrator

When Prevent changing wallpaper Group Policy is enabled, users are not able to change the desktop wallpaper using Display Properties. Fortunately, there are methods for changing your wallpaper that does not involve Display Properties, such as Image Preview. Best Touchscreen Chromebook Under 300

The limitations associated with Display Properties are not encountered through these other methods. Group Policy must specify Active Desktop Wallpaper, otherwise, you will be able to change their wallpaper without using Display Properties.

You’ll learn how to use the default wallpaper selector – this only provides Google-endorsed options – and how to create your own background.

Additionally, we will talk about Chromebook Themes, including wallpapers that match the overall color scheme.

1: Choosing a background on Chromebooks

Choosing a background on Chromebooks

Google provides tons of options for wallpapers by default. Select ‘Set Wallpaper’ from the context menu of the right-click menu when you are in a blank area of your desktop (minimize the browser window).

In the Wallpaper Picker, there are a huge number of category types to choose from. Then, choose an image to set as your wallpaper and browse through. Best Chromebook for Students 2024

Make sure you receive a new image every single day by using the ‘Daily Refresh’ feature! Alternatively, you can select ‘Solid color’ if you want a plain color instead of all these cartoons and human artwork.

2: Picking your own wallpaper

First, choose a photo or image you want to use as your Chromebook’s wallpaper. Alternatively, you can transfer a photo from a camera or phone or download an image from a website by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Save image as…’.

Open the Files app on your Chromebook, tap ‘Search,’ then type ‘files’ and press return. Next, locate the image file, which you should have saved to the folder ‘Downloads.’ Then, you can set it as your wallpaper by right-clicking it.

You can adjust the image center, and center cropped in the Wallpaper Picker under ‘My images’ if it doesn’t look right.

For the best results, use images or photos you have taken yourself for your wallpaper. Chrome OS only supports JPG and PNG formats.

If you’re experiencing problems with an image, you should check these first since most programs export the default image types.

3: How to set a Chromebook Theme wallpaper Best Chromebooks for Kids

How to set a Chromebook Theme wallpaper

Adding a Theme to your Chromebook lets you personalize it a little more than just the wallpaper. When you choose a theme, the color selection extends to the Chrome browser’s border as well as its background when new tabs are opened.

Themes are stored with your Google Account, and when you sign in on another system, you will be able to access the Theme.

When choosing a theme, you can tie in the color scheme of your wallpaper with those of your browser.

The button is located in the ‘Menu’ button, which gives you access to Chrome’s settings > Appearance > Themes (you can also type chrome://settings in the address bar).

Choosing a Theme is as simple as clicking the thumbnails and then clicking ‘Add to Chrome.’

Final words

[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”]With our simple guide, changing Chromebook wallpaper when locked by the administration is now becoming just a matter of seconds. Now make your Chromebook background cool and classy with your own customized images.[/su_note]

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