How to Erase a Chromebook – Tips & Tricks 2023

How to Erase a Chromebook: If you experience a problem with your Chromebook, like your profile or settings are messed up, and a restart didn’t fix it, or if you plan to sell the computer, you may need to know how to erase Chromebook.

A Chromebook is an easy-to-use device. The main advantage of these laptops is that there is limited space to store clutter. Still, sometimes you want a fresh start, and resetting a Chromebook enables you to do so.

There could be troublesome cookies, favorites, or settings that are not functioning correctly. Perhaps you inherited a Chromebook and would like to customize it. For resetting your Chromebook, you have several options.

How to Erase a Chromebook

How to Erase a Chromebook

To make yourself familiar with how to erase a Chromebook, you will need to follow any of the methods from the below-mentioned. Let’s have a look in detail at all ways.

Using Power Washing Method

How to power wash a Chromebook

In terms of speed and simplicity, power washing is the best recovery method. If you perform the reset, it will remove all data located on the device’s stateful partition, but it will not install a new operating system version. This is similar to resetting your device. In contrast, it can restore windows installations by installing a new version of the operating system.

It will permanently delete all Google Accounts associated with the device and delete saved files, networks, and permissions assigned to the owner account. Linux would be removed from your computer using this method if you installed Linux using the Crouton method.

To powerwash your device, you can do so through your user profile or the login process. we w will explain each step in detail below:

Method 1:

User accounts are the first way to do this. Both methods will work equally well, but this is the most likely method you will use.

  1. From your status bar, click the ‘Settings’ button
  2. Select the ‘Show Advanced Settings option
  3. Scroll down to the Powerwash section, and click on it
  4. A dialogue box will appear. Restart by clicking Restart

Method 2:

A Chromebook can be Power Washed from outside a user account using this method. It can be helpful to forget your password or buy a second-hand machine where the previous owner has not wiped their data before the sale.

  1. Upon turning on your device, you will see a sign-in screen. You should not log in
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
  3. A prominent warning will appear on your screen. To restart the process, click ‘Restart’.

Complete Recovery of Chromebook

Both of these approaches take a long time, but this one is the most precise. If a Chromebook has trouble updating or stops working at all, you should follow the following steps.

If you perform a full recovery of your Chromebook, not only will all of your locally stored data be deleted, but the Chrome operating system will be installed entirely fresh on the machine. Furthermore, you can reinstall Linux using ChrUbuntu using this method if you wish to re-partition your hard drive back to its factory state.

To test if it solves your problem, try ‘hard resetting’ your Chromebook before proceeding further. Modern models require only pressing Power+Refresh. Older models may need a pin to reset them. Your hard drive will not be re-partitioned after a hard reset.

Following these steps will help you recover fully:

  1. It is advisable to format either a USB stick or an SD card with a capacity of at least 4 GB.
  2. Restart your computer by pressing Esc+Refresh+Power
  3. Create the recovery drive on a USB stick or SD card
  4. It will automatically update your Android device to a new v2.1.0 version upon following the instructions.
  5. When instructed, remove the recovery drive.

Getting a New Start

Things can go wrong with modern technology, but that is a sad reality. You will always need to start over – whether it’s due to a user error or a software problem.

In my opinion, Chromebooks are one of the most reliable and error-free laptops on the market. Still, should the inevitable day come that something does start to malfunction, you can rest assured that Google will handle it all.

Visit our Chromebook overview for more information. It’s also important to keep in mind that Chromebooks have a terminal for changing settings, running applications, and more.


[su_note note_color=”#f8ccd3″]It is possible to make your Chromebook run like new again if you know how to erase Chromebook. Your device may need to be factory reset if you won’t be using it. If you perform a factory reset on your Chromebook, all the information on the hard drive, including the Downloads folder, is deleted. Make sure to back up your files on Google Drive and an external hard drive before resetting your computer. A factory reset won’t delete anything on your external storage device or Google Drive.[/su_note]

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