How to Make Chromebook Louder 2024 – Tips & Tricks

how to make chromebook louder

How to Make Chromebook Louder: Are you unhappy with the sound of your Chromebook? Chromebooks can be made louder using many tricks. As these tasks require great speakers, if your laptop doesn’t perform well in audio, you might suffer from poor video quality and even poor music quality. The first step toward solving these issues is to discover why your Chromebook isn’t loud enough. Maybe there’s a problem with the software or with the hardware.

You may not be satisfied with the sound level of your Chromebook for a variety of reasons. There is an automatic volume control on your Chromebook that may be hindering you from boosting the volume. A faulty speaker could also cause the problem. Some devices may have underpowered speakers. In general, Chromebooks can be loudened effectively using a variety of solutions.

Cloud applications and cloud storage are among the primary uses of Chromebooks. Due to this, many of your Chromebook’s volume problems are caused by applications. You may notice that your device’s volume is too low whenever you feel this way. First, make sure that the volume is set correctly. Chrome’s volume control feature controls the volume of installed applications. Additionally, you should inspect your browser’s volume settings.

Tips On How To Make Chromebook Louder

How to Make Chromebook Louder

1. Check the sound settings on your Chromebook

If you’d like to increase the volume on your Chromebook, start by looking at its sound settings. On the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you can access your sound settings. If you are muted, make sure that the speaker icon is not clicked. The Chromebook’s destination output should be checked if you are using Bluetooth or headphones.

2. Update your system whenever possible

The most common reason for Chromebook sound problems is out-of-date drivers. All installed apps will be updated instantly when a Chromebook’s automatic system update completes.

However, Chromebook users can disable automatic system updates. It is recommended that you update the Chromebook’s software if that is the case.

3. Use Equalizer Applications To Boost Chromebook Volume

With the Ears Chrome extension, you can make your Chromebook louder more easily. By installing this extension, you can increase the volume of webpages you open in  Google Chrome. Unlike other extensions, it offers a user-friendly volume bar. On Chromebooks, the maximum level is automatically selected except in that case. Simply click and drag the extension to increase the volume of a webpage.

Increasing a website’s volume will, however, result in distorted audio quality. Changing your volume level beyond your speakers’ capacity will result in audio quality not being clear and understandable.

4. Clear the Cookie & Cache on Chromebook

An efficient browsing experience is made possible by websites saving files. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer. Meanwhile, your device uses the cache to store images, temporary data, and other information in order to speed up the process of retrieving data from websites.

You may experience performance issues with your Chromebook if you have cookies and cache. Certain issues like audio difficulties and loading difficulties can be resolved by clearing this data.

Following these simple steps will remove cache and cookies from your computer.

  • Go to the Chrome browser on your Chromebook.
  • Press the “More” button in the upper right corner
  • Clear browsing data can be found under More tools.
  • You can erase a time range by selecting it. For all-time deletion, choose All Time.
  • Tick the boxes next to the headings ‘Cookies and other site data and ‘Caching images and files’.
  • Then click the Clear data button.

5. How To Make Chromebook Louder for Movies and Videos

Video-player applications used to play videos provide you with the capability of adjusting the volume level if you enjoy watching movies offline and downloading them. The Chrome video player has poor volume performance, so you may prefer to install an Android application, such as VLC or MX player.

Playing a wide variety of video files is a major feature of VLC, a classic video player application. Furthermore, the volume slider lets you set the audio volume to a maximum of 125%. It is possible to increase or decrease the volume using a keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Up or Ctrl + Down.

Another popular alternative is the MX player. Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices can use this video player because it is hardware-accelerated and supports subtitles. With the touchscreen or trackpad, all you need to do is swipe up and down to boost the volume of your video. Similar to VLC, the MX player also allows you to increase the volume by 200%.

6. How To Make Chromebook Louder for Music and Audio Files

How To Make Chromebook Louder for Music and Audio Files

You can adjust the volume of the music playing through an online streaming service with ears, a browser extension. Using the Enjoy Music Player application will allow you to play music offline as well as download it. There are built-in equalizers and volume boosters in this application to easily control your music’s sound quality.

  1. It only takes a click on the equalizer icon to run Enjoy Music Player.
  2. Then use the toggle button to turn it on.
  3. Finally, you can adjust the volume by dragging the Preamp button

Final words

[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”]You can effectively boost the volume of your Chromebook device by utilizing different applications and the equalizer option in your media player. With the methods outlined above, you will have a better-sounding video and audio file. No matter how you slice it, you must maintain a safe volume level. Louder multimedia consumption can result in permanent hearing damage, while it may provide an immersive experience. Do you like movies? Chromebooks are great for watching movies because the Chrome operating system is seamless and fast. The three best Chromebooks to watch HD movies can be found on our website.[/su_note]

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