How to Make Chromebook Touchscreen 2023 (Tips & Tricks)

How to Make Chromebook Touchscreen

How to Make Chromebook Touchscreen: What kind of Chromebook do you use? How about knowing that there is an effective trick for making Chromebooks touchscreens? Despite what you might think, touchscreen displays have a number of advantages over traditional computer peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse. It’s convenient to use a touchscreen laptop. It is more portable and less reliant on a pointer and keyboard by replacing the mouse and keyboard. The secret to making a touchscreen Chromebook is here for those looking to jump on the bandwagon. Also, Check best touchscreen Chromebooks

How to Make Chromebook Touchscreen

How to Make Chromebook Touchscreen

Transform Non-Touch Chromebook To Touchscreen Using The AirBar

A new interactive touchscreen display has been created using the Neonode AirBar, an innovation for transforming an ordinary laptop into a touchscreen. With the development of laptops, notebooks, and Chromebooks with touchscreens, the availability of these devices is on the rise. Considering most portable computers are designed to be cheaper and smaller, the ability to use touchscreens without having to shell out a lot of money is a big plus.

What Is An AirBar?

With the AirBar, your device can be temporarily turned into a touchscreen by turning its screen into a slim black bar. In addition, it has a 9.5-inch USB port, which makes it a practical laptop accessory. In addition to a computer running Windows 8 or 10, or a Chromebook with a screen size of 11.6, 13.3, 14, or 15.6 inches, the AirBar is also compatible with Mac computers.

AirBar uses invisible light fields on your screen to detect input above the display. Then, using your display can determine how you scroll, pinch, and sweep across it.

How To Make A Chromebook Touchscreen: Setting Up Your AirBar

  1. Depending on your screen size, choose an AirBar. It is compatible with displays with screens that measure 13.3-inches, 14-inches, and 15.6-inches.
  2. Place the AirBar at the bottom of the display, three millimeters below the bottom edge. Using the USB cord width as a guide, align the AirBar with the white alignment marks using the white alignment markers.
  3. Removing the two back tags is necessary.
  4. To attach it, press lightly over the magnet points, then attach it gently to the bottom bezel.
  5. Attachments can be secured by removing AirBar and pressing the magnets more firmly.
  6. Last but not least, the AirBar is easy to attach and remove.
  7. Connect the USB connector to your Chromebook and attach the AirBar to the magnets.

How To Make A Chromebook Touchscreen: Pros of Using AirBar

  • The installation is simple. The USB connection provides fast and easy attachment. In addition to recognizing the light field above the touchscreen as soon as the Chromebook is plugged in, it provides feedback on your screen.
  • Chromebook comes with an innovative technology that makes touchscreen navigation as basic as scrolling, pinching, and sweeping.
  • With the AirBar, you can use Windows 8, Windows 10, and Chrome OS simultaneously.
  • It is a more affordable alternative than replacing a functional device with a new one and buying new ones.

How To Make A Chromebook Touchscreen: Cons of Using AirBar

  • It is difficult to remove the adhesive from the magnets that keep the AirBar attached. Because of this, your Chromebook is permanently altered.
  • The gesture support is limited to two fingers only. In addition to that, sometimes the AirBar has trouble recognizing two fingers placed on top of the other.
  • Macbooks are not compatible with AirBar.
  • Unlike modern touchscreen laptops, AirBar does not have the precision of the latest touchscreen devices.

Benefits of Touchscreen

  • Chromebooks with touchscreens allow you to use them more conveniently by not relying heavily on accessories like a mouse or keyboard.
  • Drawing and taking notes on their devices is possible using touchscreen displays.
  • Additionally, touchscreens allow direct interaction with the screen. Compared to traditional computers, they are more interactive.

How to troubleshoot the touchscreen on a Chromebook

How to troubleshoot the touchscreen on a Chromebook

If you want a touchscreen display in a non-touch device, AirBar is definitely what you need. It’s also possible to reset your Chromebook if yours does not respond after you own it. A step-by-step procedure is provided here to help you troubleshoot your computer.

Hard Reset

Whenever your Chromebook touchscreen becomes unresponsive, you can restart your device to help it regain its stability. By making the BIOS and the hardware connect properly again, it optimizes the performance of your laptop.

For your Chromebook to restart, press the power and refresh buttons simultaneously for at least five minutes to clear any software issues. After shutting down, it will reboot again. The steps above need to be followed again if the Chromebook won’t boot.

If you follow this procedure, you will not lose any data. To avoid problems, it is recommended to perform backups.

Powerwash or Reset

You can attempt resetting your Chromebook a second time, but you must factory reset your  Chromebook if this does not work.

Your device will be restored to its factory settings through this process. All files, documents, documents, and settings are being removed from the system. Also, you will be automatically signed out of the system. In addition to the settings, keyboard shortcuts can also be used to reset.

When you are using a keyboard, login, then press Ctrl + A + S + R. In the menu that appears with the ‘Restart’ option, select ‘Powerwash.’ Once you have selected it, click ‘Continue’ so that your device may restart and you can test your screen once more.


[su_note note_color=”#f7bdce”]With Chromebooks’ touchscreen displays, you get better portability, speed, and functionality. This article explains how you can experiment with Chromebook touch screens without buying a new Chromebook using a gadget called an AirBar. There are a number of touchscreen Chromebooks on the market that you can choose from if this temporary solution fails to work for you.[/su_note]

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