How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard Settings 2024 (Trip & Tricks)

How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard Settings

How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard SettingsChromebooks can be customized in many ways, including the keyboard settings. Changing the language setting and assigning custom behavior to specific keys is possible.

This article provides instructions for Chrome OS laptops.

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How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard Settings

How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard Settings

How Is a Chromebook Keyboard Different?

Chromebooks have keyboard layouts that are similar to those of Windows laptops.

  • There is a Search button on Chromebooks in place of the Caps Lock key on PCs.
  • It is common for the top row of keys (such as F1 and F2) to be reserved for function keys. Using these keys on a Chromebook, you can control the volume and refresh your viewing page.

The Chromebook keyboard can be customized so that it closely matches what you’re used to.

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USB keyboards that don’t have the keys on the Chromebook keyboard can be used, but keys not located on them won’t be recognized.

How to Change Chromebook Keyboard Settings

How to Change Chromebook Keyboard Settings

Follow these steps for customizing your Chromebook keyboard:

  1. Open Chromebook settings in the Chrome browser by selecting the taskbar in the lower-right corner.
  2. Then select Keyboard from the Device menu on the left.
  3. Certain keys can be changed from here. Choose one of the options listed above, by choosing the Ctrl drop-down menu.
  4. As of right now, the changes are effective. Once a key is reassigned, it remains reassigned until it is changed.
  5. If you wish to enable function keys, choose Treat top-row keys as function keys. Hold the Search key down while navigating between shortcuts and functions.
  6. By selecting Enable auto-repeat, you can enable this feature, which will repeat the key until you let go. Select how long it should take for each keypress to be repeated using the sliders below, as well as the frequency of repetition.
  7. For a list of Chromebook shortcuts, select View keyboard shortcuts. Although shortcuts can’t be modified, you should know them.
  8. You can change your language settings by selecting this option.
  9. Change the keyboard layout and the default language by choosing the Input method. A spell checker with advanced options is also available.

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