How to Put Chromebook to Sleep 2023 (Tips & Tricks)

how to disable sleep mode on Chromebook

How to Put Chromebook to Sleep: A Chromebook automatically enters sleep mode after being inactive for six minutes. Some may find this convenient, but many others are uncomfortable with their Chromebook going to sleep automatically. You will generally get the longest battery life by using sleep mode.

Sleep mode helps Chromebooks conserve battery life by shutting off the screen and turning off WiFi, as well as suspending apps that consume too much power. Even so, not all users will want to have their Chromebook go into sleep mode after six minutes of inactivity. Chromebook sleep settings can be hard to customize, unfortunately. Also Read: Best Laptops For 3D Modeling And Rendering 2021

How to Put Chromebook to Sleep

How to Put Chromebook to Sleep


How To Stop Your Chromebook from Sleep Mode

Chromebooks are not equipped with a setting to prevent them from sleeping. Therefore, a third-party app will be needed. This one is the best, as it disables Chromebook sleep when the lid is closed and idle sleep when a timeout expires.

Chrome toolbar menus have a small “Keep Awake” button which can be found in the extension Keep  Awake. Users can toggle between modes on the browser’s upper-right button to keep the screen on (the sun), prevent the system from sleeping (the sunset), or leave power-saving settings unchanged (the moon). You can override Chrome OS’ power settings by switching between the following modes:

  • Moon Icon: Keep Awake won’t function on your Chromebook if you click the Moon Icon. You will now be able to let Chromebook sleep on its own (after 6 minutes) without being bothered by Keep Awake.
  • Sunset Icon: You can save the screen to the Sunset App, though it will prevent your Chromebook from going into sleep mode. Using this feature, you won’t have to wake up the Chromebook from Sleep mode, which will save you time and battery life.
  • Sun Icon: Regardless of what circumstances arise, your computer will not go to sleep when using the Sun Icon. Closing the lid will not cause the screen to go blank, and it will not go to sleep. Hence, there is no need to turn it off. If you do this on a Chromebook, the sleep function will be completely disabled.

Keep Awake won’t interfere with your Chromebook’s sleep when you close the lid; instead, it will only wake it up when you leave the lid open. You can only use it with Chrome OS, so if your laptop is Windows or Mac, you’d better use it there. Moreover, network connections will continue to work when the system cannot sleep (sunset icon); this is beneficial if you want to use Secure Shell or another app like it. Although the screen dims, it will remain dim even after it turns off. If you select “screen stays on” (the sun icon), it will prevent you from falling asleep. Displays will stay on as well. Related One: How to Freeze Chromebook Screen

How to prevent your Chromebook from sleeping

  • Go to
  • Click Free when you are searching for Keep Awake.
  • In the dialogue box, click Add.
  • You’ll see a little sun if you tap the moon, which means that Chromebook will not sleep.
  • Take a picture of a sunset by tapping the sun.

Final words

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