How to Save Chromebook Battery – Latest Updates 2022

how to save chromebook battery

How to Save Chromebook Battery: It’s true that Chromebooks are usually equipped with extremely long battery lives, but it’s still frustrating to have to stop using your laptop because it goes dead. In order to maximize your laptop’s battery life and avoid being tethered to an outlet, you can take a few steps to know how to save Chromebook battery life. Best Chromebook for Students

When you’re not at home and running low on power, even the longest battery life does not seem long enough. Several small things can be done to maximize the amount of time your device can run before you need to locate the nearest outlet.

In fact, most of the power consumption claims you see with reference to a laptop are based on a certain set of conditions: Bluetooth turned off, screen brightness at 50%, no peripherals daisy-chained, etc. Best Chromebook For Elementary Students

This article will explain how to extend battery life on a Chromebook with some simple but effective methods to conserve power.

How to Save Chromebook Battery – Latest Updates

how to save chromebook batteryTricks to Make Chromebook Battery Run Longer

A Chromebook’s battery can be extended with several tricks. Following are some of the best battery tips for Chromebooks. You may not be able to access all of these options if you have a managed Chromebook. Ensure your Chromebook’s battery is properly optimized by checking with your Chromebook owner. Best Chromebook Under 300$

How to Improve Chromebook Battery Life

The following steps will help you get the longest battery life from your Chromebook:

1: Reduce the brightness of the screen.

You may be wasting battery life on your Chromebook if the screen is too bright.  Using the top row of keys on the keyboard, users can adjust screen brightness.  You can extend your battery life by lowering the brightness levels to levels you feel comfortable with. Since the display is the biggest power hog, you’ll be able to save a lot of battery life. This big feature will save the Chromebook battery. Best Budget Gaming Laptops

2: When using batteries, avoid updates.

Organize the system so that Chrome updates without your knowledge in the background (very hard to control), and make sure no other software is updated while on battery power to take advantage of the battery. The App settings usually allow you to adjust this. Again, this will extend the battery life of your Chromebook

3: Remove unused extensions from the Chrome browser.

Extensions can have the same impact on your CPU as tabs do. If your extensions use resources, look at the task manager and remove any you may not need. Extensions use a lot of CPU in the background. Batteries won’t last long if they are not optimized. How To

4: Disconnect any devices you don’t need.

Remove any other devices charging, such as headphones, from the battery to extend its life. In contrast, if you need a power source but are not using the Chromebook, you can charge other devices from the Chromebook as long as it is powered on and unlocked.

5: Disable Bluetooth.

Despite being a powerful technology, Bluetooth requires lots of power to activate. When your Chromebook is not in use and Bluetooth has been enabled, click on “Bluetooth Disabled” from the Settings window and then click the taskbar’s status area. You can maximize Chromebook battery life by turning off Bluetooth, which drains the battery on Chromebooks.

6: When not in use, lock your screen.

A key feature of Chrome OS is its battery-saving design. Because of this, Chrome OS doesn’t have a native setting to configure the amount of time a Chromebook remains idle prior to entering sleep mode, and screensavers aren’t supported since they reduce battery life. The Chromebook battery life can be further improved with this feature.

7: Closeout unnecessary web pages or apps.

Most web pages and apps provide updated information through frequent refreshes. The Windows Switcher key can be used to see what applications are currently in use. Click on this key to close out all unneeded apps. You can find out which websites or apps have taken up the most battery in Chrome OS. This can be found by clicking the status bar, then going to the Settings. Open the Settings Window and then select “Battery” in the Device section. The new window will appear a list of the websites and apps you have visited, along with their battery consumption percentage. This tip will make you stress-free when you are searching for how to save Chromebook battery life and duration.

8: Turn off WiFi.

If you’re continuously moving, traveling, or don’t require constant access to WiFi, this may be a good option. Most Chromebook users think, “what does a Chromebook do without the Internet?” The WiFi receiver isn’t always needed by all users, but there are a tiny fraction of users who do. Thus, by turning off WiFi, the battery will be saved from continually searching for WiFi signals. Best Laptops For Mechanical Engineering Students

9: Make sure the contrast is high.

The Chromebook display can be viewed outside in high contrast mode, making the background black with white and yellow text. This mode can help your battery last longer since black pixels use less power than white pixels. To do so, follow these steps:

– Open Chrome://settings

– Click the Show advanced settings button…

“Use high contrast mode” should be checked.

10: Take out peripheral devices, hard drives, and discs.

You must be aware that any extra equipment you hook up to your laptop is using some power. Use local storage instead of a USB drive if you’re running low on power.

11: Make sure you use a surge protector.

Plugin your Chromebook using a surge protector whenever possible. Therefore, you will be less likely to encounter power-shortage issues, plus you will be able to charge your battery more efficiently, extending its life.

If you’re in a public area, using a power strip with a surge protector may not be so easy. You can bring a small surge protector with you for those concerned about faulty outlets or sudden power surges.

12: Make sure your Chromebook is properly ventilated.

USB cooling fans can be used to ventilate your device manually. This will help keep the Chromebook battery from overheating and keep temperatures at a reasonable level. You can also use a compatible laptop stand to elevate the device.

Final Words on How to Save Battery On Chrome

how to improve your battery life

It is important to take care of your Chromebook battery as you would any other device. Regularly checking on its health and ensuring that it hasn’t been exposed to excessive heat or similar negative conditions is essential. Be sure to ventilate and charge it properly as well.

Chromebook batteries should be treated as any degradable piece of equipment and preserved for as long as possible. If you care for your Chromebook battery now, you won’t have to worry about replacement or repair later, which is better for your budget and schedule.

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