How to print from a Chromebook – Latest Guide 2021-2023

How to Print From a Chromebook

Most Chromebook owners have a home printer they use to print documents. We’re here to help you figure out how to print from a Chromebook since there’s no dedicated software and no confusing apps. Follow the steps below for details on how to achieve this. It’s not as hard as it seems, and there are multiple ways to accomplish it!

How to Print From a Chromebook – 4 Ways

How to Print From a Chromebook

  1. Google Cloud Print
  2. Manual printing
  3. Android apps
  4. USB connection

1: How to print using Google Cloud Print

How to print using Google Cloud Print

In addition to having a Wi-Fi connection, these printers are commonly compatible with  Google Cloud Print. In addition to supporting Google’s online-printing service, Chrome OS comes with a number of other features.

In order to use the Google Cloud Print service, you will need to connect your home printer to the internet and link it to the Google Cloud. It varies from printer to printer, so take some time to go over your steps and make sure you’re following them correctly.

Turn your laptop on so you can print from Chromebooks. You must connect your printer to the internet first. When you have done this, click on your Google Account logo or photo in Chrome and choose Settings, then Advanced. You can select Printers by clicking on the Printers option.

Add Printers should be the first section you see. The printer list can be viewed by clicking on it. Your printer should appear on that list, so select it. As a result, your Chromebook should now have a connection to your printer.

2: How to print from a Chromebook Using Android apps

How to print from a Chromebook Using Android apps

There are now countless applications available in the Google Play Store on newer Chromebooks. Sometimes you only need an official Android app in order to use a printer, which you can download from the Google Play Store if your Chromebook has it. Printing from a Chromebook is easy since there’s no confusing menu system. Some of the apps even offer editing capabilities, so you can set up your printer with them. Using a Chromebook for printing is probably the simplest way to do so.

3: How to manually connect your Wi-Fi printer to your Chromebook

How to manually connect your Wi-Fi printer to your Chromebook

The most common reason is that your printer doesn’t appear in the Add Printers section. A Chromebook can print and add devices manually.

Click the Add Manually link in the Printers section. Next, type details about the printer, such as its name, IP address, protocol (IPP is usually supported), and queue (the queue is usually called ipp/print). When you have filled in all the information, click Add.

There should be a box that asks for the manufacturer and model of your printer. You can add it by clicking Add. In case it does not appear, go to the printer’s information and check the “printer language” or “emulation”, then return to the list and select the option that looks similar to Generic. Uploading the printer’s driver might be necessary. Upload it by clicking on the Browse option if that is the case.

4: How to print with a USB connection (optional)

How to print with a USB connection

Printing from a Chromebook with an old printer without Wi-Fi hardware is still possible via USB cable. The printer should be connected to the Chromebook using the USB cable. To connect the printer to your Chromebook, just follow the steps in the previous section.

You should be able to easily print from your Chromebook once your home printer is successfully connected. You need to press Ctrl and P simultaneously while on the page you want to print. Change the destination by selecting Change under the Destinations option. Select the printer you wish to print from under Recent Destinations or Local Destinations.

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