How to Enable Screen Recording on Chrome OS | 2021-2024

Google has developed features that will give Chromebooks an education refresh after the Coronavirus has adverse effects and remote learning has been gaining ground in education.

A blog post by TechCrunch announced that Chrome OS would get a number of additions to help teach and learn more effectively.

A screen-recording tool is one of the tools that is built into Chromebook as part of the March update. Chrome OS is about to get a lot better, as Google strives to assist the classroom in these difficult times.

Here’s how to record your screen effortlessly on your Chromebook by using “Screen capture”. Let’s get started.

how to Screen Recording on Chrome OS

Enabling Screen Capture on Chrome OS

Below is a step-by-step explanation of the process. If you are unable to activate the “Screen capture” tool on your device, you can try using the “Beta” channel in your Chrome OS.

  1.  Type the following into your Chrome browser in a new tab. Copies and pastes are also
  2.  As soon as you have finished visiting the experiment page, the “Screen capture test” tool can be seen in yellow highlighting. The toggle will be right next to it. You can reveal more options by clicking on it. In the end, select “Enable.”
  3.  Once you’ve completed those steps, you’ll receive a prompt from the bottom of the screen, asking you to reboot your device. Continue by clicking on “Restart”.
  4.  You should have finished your work by now. When your device boots up, click on your “Status Tray” in the bottom-right corner to see if it has the screen recording tool. The screenshot below shows how it should look.

It’s as simple as that. To better understand how this tool works, let’s talk about how it works.

Screen Capture Tool’s Working

Screen Capture Tool’s Working on chromebook

Clicking the screen capture tool in your “Status Tray” will dim the screen and display the tool’s interface. Although we can’t take a snapshot of that, there is still an easy way to figure it out.

The tool combines two functions into one. Just as easily as you can record the screen, you can take a screenshot. The recording is also possible in two ways. First, you can record your entire Chromebook using the “Record fullscreen” command, and then you can record a portion of your screen by cropping out what matters to you. Record windows can also be used. The video will not be recorded until you exit the window after you have opened it. At any time, you can stop the recording of your screen by clicking the “Stop screen recording” button on your Chromebook, located right beside the Tote feature.

It’s easy to use so don’t hesitate to give it a shot. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. Have a good time out there!

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