How to Unlock your Chromebook with your Android Phone 2021-2024

Chromebooks can be unlocked using Android phones. It’s important to understand what that means. The Smart Lock prompt should appear when you are at the Chromebook login screen with Smart Lock enabled.

You can log on to Chromebook by tapping your profile picture if your phone is unlocked during this time. The fingerprint recognition feature on your cell phone will allow you to sign in more quickly.

You can also follow these steps after you unlock your Chromebook:

  • Chromebook users can use the Messages app to communicate with friends.
  • Install applications automatically
  • As new features are released, offer them

Note: Chromebooks may not support these features when you are at school or work. More information about your system administrator’s policies should be available to you.

Having learned about Smartlock, let’s get started.

How to connect your Chromebook and Android

How to unlock your Chromebook with your Android phone

1) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your Android phone, as well as a smart lock. Passwords, patterns, pin codes, or fingerprints may be used to sign in.

2) Be sure your Chromebook is set up for Bluetooth. If you can’t see the date, click on Settings.

3) Select Bluetooth from the left-hand menu, and make sure that it is turned on.

4) On the Android phone section of the Settings app, click Set up on Connected devices.

5) Dropdown box Select a device to choose your Android phone. Having the same Google account on both your Android phone and your Chromebook will allow your phone to appear in this list. Continue by clicking Accept.

6) Click Done after entering your password.

7) Click the Done button.

8) An Android notification should appear on your phone indicating that your Chromebook is linked.

9) All should be well now. Once your Android phone is nearby and unlocked, the Chromebook will unlock and sign you in.

An Important Tip

How to unlock your Chromebook with your Android

With your Android phone signed on to the same Google account as your Chromebook, you can switch between multiple Accounts on your Chromebook with your Android phone.

Fixing Issues

Getting a notification on your Android phone is not guaranteed. If this happened in Step 8, there might be a verification issue. Such a situation may require you to reapply for verification.

1) Click on the time icon on your Chromebook and select Settings.

2) Select your Android phone from the Connected devices menu on the left pane of the Settings app. Your Chromebook’s name appears with the Waiting for verification status if your Android phone requires authorization. On the phone, you will only be asked this question once. You can resend and accept the notification on your phone by clicking on Verify.

Can’t lock Chromebook: If you can’t unlock your device with your Android phone, check that both your phone and your Chromebook are connected to the internet.


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